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Limited slots are available on a first come first serve basis. Register for the respective workshops via the registration links found on the Calendar of Workshops tab selection. An email confirmation will be sent to students who have successfully secured their complimentary seats. Terms and conditions apply*.

Ace at Assessment Centres


An Assessment Centre (AC) is a process in which a candidate is assessed through a series of tests to determine their suitability for particular roles in organizations.  You will be put through a series of individual and group exercises and tests designed to simulate the conditions of the job for the assessor to have an opportunity to observe if you possess the key competencies for the job.  Many companies are increasingly using ACs to recruit for their management associate programmes. Consultancies and financial institutions also utilise ACs in their recruitment and selection.
In this workshop, you will gain insights into the common AC activities and understand the competencies that employers look for in new hires. You will get hands-on practice through a mock AC and experience a variety of activities and simulations focused on key competencies that companies are looking for in new hires.
You will get clear and objective written feedback (backed up with examples of actual behaviors) on your performance in the ACs. You will also receive key learning points and valuable tips which you can use to prepare for future AC activities and stand out from the competition.

Workshop Outline

  • Identify competencies that employers look for in AC activities
  • Review common assessment activities used in recruitment
  • Practice in selected AC activities including presenting an elevator speech, group exercise and case presentation
  • Receive individual oral and written feedback on AC performance
  • Gaining valuable tips on handling common AC activities

Recommended Group
Pre-final (before attachment) and final year students
Priority will be given to students who have upcoming AC interview.

Full Day (8 hours)

Successful Case Interviews 


Management consulting companies have used case studies to assess talent for decades. Case interviews have started to edge into various industries and functions over the years, including research, marketing, consumer product management and investment banking.
In a case interview, the interviewer presents information about a company, as well as a problem or dilemma the company is facing or it can also be a hypothetical situation that requires you to use your logical and creative thinking skills. The case interview is purposely designed to increase the pressure most people feel during a traditional interview by a few notches and candidates really need to be able to think on your feet, analyze problems and bring up creative solutions.
The case interview provides a glimpse into the way a job candidate thinks. It gives employers a chance to see how their mind works, how their thought process and logic work, how they structure a problem, how they quantify things and how well you can articulate your ideas under pressure
If you are planning to pursue a career to help organizations solve complex problems, you will need to prepare yourself adequately to convince your interviewer of your analysis. If you can't confidently communicate this to your interviewer, you won't be able to convince a client either. 

Workshop Outline

  • Understand what a case interview aims to measure
  • How to articulate your thoughts and let the interviewer understand your thought process
  • How to dissect a case interview and to create a framework for an answer to a problem
  • Usage of useful and commonly-expected business heuristics to analyse and answer a case interview problem
  • Role-plays in a mock interview setting with feedback from the Training Consultant

Recommended Group
Students who are looking for a career in management consulting and banking. Students from other courses who are keen to find out about how to excel in a case interview are also welcomed to apply.
Priority will be given to students with upcoming case interviews.

4 hours

*Slots are on a first come first serve basis. Students who ​​​have accumulated two "no show" without valid reasons & documental proof, you will be blocked from registering for future CAO events/services for the next 60 days.

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