Recommended for students who have basic resume writing skill, attended resume writing workshop and want to power up the content further

Is your resume strong and fit?

Get Fit with CAO ResumeFITNESS classes. The 90-minute small classes provide step-by-step and detailed explanations of effective resume writing. Career Coaches will equip you with tips and insights on how to pitch your resume and pass the 6-second selection test.



Recommended for students who have basic job interview skill, attended interview workshop and want to power up more intensive practice

Do you know the techniques to win the job interview race?

Get Fit with the CAO InterviewFITNESS classes. The 120-minute small classes provide an overview of the entire interviewing process including both verbal and non-verbal essentials. Career Coaches will highlight to you the most commonly asked questions and how to go about handling situational questions to succeed at your job interviews.


ResumeMARATHON (1-to-1)

Recommended for students who have acquired resume writing skill and are ready to submit the resumes but needed the final boost and critique 

Need a final boost to your resume before applying for jobs?

Join the CAO ResumeMARATHON where Career Coaches will provide you with one-to-one attention to critique your resume. 

ResumeMARATHON is usually organized around career events. Look out for them and register for a 15-min session before the Marathon is over.


InterviewMARATHON (1-to-1)

A 15-min condensed version of a mock interview practice. Student MUST come PREPARED with a Job Description.
Recommended as a final boost and practice for students who have acquired interview skills and are ready for job interviews.
Objective: Assess student's interview readiness
Approach: Students will be asked at least 3 questions including
1. "Tell me about yourself."
2.  Question(s) pertaining to the Job Description
3. "Do you have any questions for me?"

Areas of Feedback for student
1. Body language
2. Preparedness for the interview
3. Clarity in communication
4. Ability to articulate strengths and competencies with supporting examples using the STAR format




What career is right for you? What workout do you need?
Kickstart your career planning process by signing up for CAO Self-AssessWORKOUT program. Our VIPS menu includes Values, Interest, Personality, Skills, and more. The 3-hour small classes, are designed to help you gain greater self-awareness and explore career options for a fulfilling and meaningful career, with the personalized SODA roadmap you create and a workbook you get to keep at the end of the session.
Self-AssessWORKOUT is a 3 to 3.5-hour session that covers Career Values, Occupational Interests and Motivated Skills using Knowdell™ Card Sorts.

*In view of the current situation, please note that Self-AssessWORKOUT are suspended, do approach your respectives Career Coaches for 1-to-1 career advicing. 

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