Nanyang Technological University

SODA your way to Success

Assess your attributes and discover your own VIPS
(Values, Interests, Personality Styles and Skills)
Recruiters are always looking for candidates who have and demonstrate genuine passion in the job roles. Therefore, self-knowledge is the first fundamental step in successful job search and long-term career planning.

ML0001 & ML0002 Career Modules

  • Attend and pass these 2 core modules that equip you with career skills and greater self-awareness.

Career Profiling Tools
  • Have a fun and inspiring Self-AssessWORKOUT Session using KnowdellTM Career Card Sorts to discover your Career Values, Motivated Skills, and Occupational Interests.
  • Take the Harrison Assessments Career Assessment Tool to gain an in-depth understanding and insight on career choices based o​​n your interests, motivations and work task preferences. (Free test available in ML0001 Module.)

Career Exploration & Coaching

  • Discuss your career aspirations and concerns and be guided by a Career Coach using SODA, a 4-step career development and planning process.

  • Attend ResumeFITNESS and InterviewFITNESS sessions to be better prepared for your internship/job search.
​Explore your full range of options and their requirements
Industry & Experiential Career Education

  • Experience the world of work through experiential education such as Company Visits, Sharing Sessions, Mentorship Programmes.

  • Network with alumni mentors and get first-hand knowledge of jobs and classroom-to-corporate transition tips.
Network with Industry Professionals

  • Attend career events on campus to network and hear directly from the professionals about their typical working day, work culture, and career progression opportunities in companies:
    • NTU Career & Internship Fairs
    • Recruitment Talks 
    • Networking Events
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​Focus on the best available and attainable options for you

  • Gain practical work experiences through internships to help decide on a future career path.

Career Planning & Coaching

  • Meet our Career Coaches to evaluate your career action plan.
  • Set short-term and long-term goals.

Career Consultants

  • For industry-specific advice, meet our Career Consultants to gain more information and preparation tips on your targeted companies and jobs.
​​Take Action.jpgDevelop a plan to get you to your dream job!
Gain Experience & Exposure

  • Be active and take on leadership roles in Co-Curricular Activities.

  • Gain overseas exposure via exchange programmes and/or internships.

  • Participate in contests and/or company challenges.

  • Join voluntary and community work.

  • Take up vacation jobs and/or additional internships 

Career & Employability Skills Workshops

  • Secure your dream job and build workplace ready skills by attending workshops such as Assessment Centre, Personal Branding and Networking Skills. These programmes will give you a headstart to your career.

Recruitment & Networking Events

  • Leverage on all career events to network and make a good impression with the potential employers:

    • NTU Career & Internship Fairs
    • Recruitment Talks
    • Networking Events
    • GradRecruit

  • Check out CAO Online Job Portal regularly and apply for jobs match with your VIPS.

  • Build your professional brand by printing and presenting your own Contact Cards to employers during events.

Resume Critique & Mock Interviews

  • Review your job search progress and polish your resume and interview skills with our Career Coaches.

  • Consult our Career Consultants for advice specific to industries and companies.

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