Career Assessment tools are useful in your journey towards self-realization and understanding. It helps you to better plan for your career and narrows down career options to find one suited to your unique needs and qualifications. In some cases, it could also help you discover new areas of strengths and weakness. 

Areas to take note of before using Assessment Tools:

1. Career Assessment Tools are readily available, be it online, or via pen and paper. However, do note that many experts have questioned the reliability of online tools. Other more rigorous tools often require a fee for users to view the reports.

2. Carry out research to see what the various Career Assessment Tools available are and see which of these tools best suit your needs.

3. Schedule a meeting with Career Coach to evaluate the findings with you during the free coaching sessions. Do remember to keep a copy of your results to pass to the Career Coach.

4. Beware that Assessment Tools are not miracle exercises that provide definitive answers. They provide suggestions for which you may wish to consider.

5. Take more than one Assessment Tools especially if they are online tools. This will help you gain a better understanding of yourself while averaging out your score to provide a more reliable result.

6. Look out for areas that the Assessment Tools may not have covered, such as strengths and weaknesses, hobbies etc and search for other tools that help examine these missing areas.

Tools available at CAO

CAO offers Assessment Tools which is widely used by professionals and hiring managers around the world and these tools are considered a few of the more reliable tools. Please visit the page to find out more about the tool and to register if you are interested.‚Äč

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