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 Welcome to Career & Attachment Office (CAO) !

NTU produces graduates that meet the needs of industries and businesses. From the Graduate Employment Survey on Class of 2013, 83.5% of our full-time permanently employed graduates found their first job within one month of graduation while 92.9% of economically active graduates from the Class of 2013 received a job offer within 4 months of graduation. It is important that our graduates transit into the working world with ease and can contribute to their employers as soon as they c​ommence work!

The role of our office is to equip our students and graduates with the necessary career skills so that they can take on a more proactive approach in managing their own careers while they are in NTU and for subsequent career transitions.

We achieve this role by providing: meaningful attachment or internship experience in their pre-final years and a range of comprehensive range of career services to prepare our students for the workplace.





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