Sports Science and Management Students

SSM Internship for Sport Science and Management Students

​​Invitation f or offer of SSM Internship placements for attachment from 6 January to 23 May 2020 (20-Weeks) is now open. Deadline for submission: 2 August 2019

For fourth year students from Sport Science and Management (SSM).

22-Week SSM Internship from July to December.

SSM students specialise Sport Science or Sport Management.

Please submit the programmes to our office online via InPlace.

If you are a first time user, you will have to register online before access is granted.

Kindly refer to the SSM Programme In Brief.pdf andSteps to Creating Programme in InPlace - PI v3.pdf as attached.  

For any enquiry on SSM Internship, please email Ms Jenny Lim at or call her at 
6790 4018.

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