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In 1993, in line with the growing internationalisation of Singapore's economy, NTU has initiated a scheme for overseas attachment of its undergraduates to give more students regional and international training experience so as to prepare them for future overseas posting by employers. 

How does it Work?

Interested organisations can arrange for NTU students to be attached to their overseas operations for the whole or part of the attachment period. They can also accept students from foreign universities for attachment in Singapore under the Reciprocal Exchange Programmes. By doing so, foreign universities will reciprocate by placing more NTU students overseas. 

How will this Benefit You, the Employer?

As a partner in this unique programme, you can benefit in a number of ways:

  • Opportunity to identify and select future employees for overseas operations;
  • Contributing to the internationalisation of Singapore's economy by joining NTU in training professionals for overseas postings.  


Programme Implementation

The procedure for this programme is as follows: 

  1. Participating organisation proposes projects or attachment programmes to NTU;
  2. NTU sends resumes of student applicants to organisation for review;
  3. Organisation sends letters of offer to selected students through NTU;
  4. Selected students send letters of acceptance to organisation through NTU;
  5. Organisation applies for VISA/work permits where necessary;
  6. Organisation nominates supervisors and NTU nominates academic staff as tutors to monitor periodically the students' progress and assess their performance;
  7. Students submit periodic records and formal reports of their work experience for assessment.


Length of Attachment 

The length of overseas attachment should be the same as that for local attachment programmes. Some organisations may prefer to have the students receive their initial orientation/training in their Singapore-based operations. However, the overseas attachment period should not be less than half of the total attachment period. 
Work Permits or Training Passes 

Employers will have to apply for Work Permits or Training Passes for NTU students attached to their overseas operations accordingly to the countries' requirement. Whenever possible, our partner universities will assist in this process.
Financial Sponsorship  

Both full and partial sponsorship are welcome. Full sponsorship covers round trip airfare, board and lodging, allowance or salary and adequate insurance.

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