Registration & De-Registration

Please register online for the Career Event that you plan to attend.  This will help employers to decide the number of brochures to bring as well as to facilitate their catering arrangement if any.  If there is a change in schedule, please de-register yourselves from the event so that we can present a more accurate number of sign-ups for the talk.  

Dress Code

The dress code for Career Event is either Formal or Business Casual as indicated by the employers.  Formal attire is a shirt and ties or suit for men; blouse and skirt or suit for ladies. Business Casual attire is a collared shirt or polo T-shirt with pants or dress jeans for men; blouse and skirt or slacks or dress jeans for ladies.  Students not appropriately dressed may be turned away from the venue. The dress code is to uphold the professional image of NTU graduates. 


Do bring along your resume to the Career Event and when the opportunity arises, present your resume to employers.

Research on Employers

Students are encouraged to research on the employers before the Career Event so that you can ask more in-depth and specific questions during the presentations and/or during the networking session. This will help to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from attending the event.

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