Alibaba Talent Programme 2021


In order to nurture R&D talents in Artificial Intelligence and other related areas, Alibaba Group has launched the “Alibaba Talent Programme” in Singapore to support outstanding undergraduate and masters graduates to pursue their PhD degrees.

This programme is strongly supported by the Economic Development Board (EDB) and Alibaba’s first overseas institute – Alibaba-NTU Singapore Joint Research Institute (JRI). The PhD candidates will study in local universities and participate in the valuable research project collaborations between Alibaba and universities. Alibaba will provide data samples and business scenarios and cooperate with the universities to create an enriching academic environment for students. The successful candidates will become Alibaba’s full-time employees and pursue this programme on a full-time basis. Each PhD candidate will be mentored by at least one supervisor from his/her enrolled university and one co-supervisor from Alibaba.

Application Requirements:

  1. Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR);
  2. Meet the university's admission and academic requirements;
  3. Obtained bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering, Electrical, Electronic, Mathematics, Physics, or related areas;
  4. Keen to study in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Optimization, Data analytics, Database, Cryptography and Security, Quantum Computing, 5G and 5G enabled technologies, digital twin, online streaming, AR/VR, online collaborative work and learning, video coding and analytics, etc.
  5. Expected to spend at least 50% of his/her time at Alibaba’s premises to work on the research projects;


  1. Monthly salary of 5,000 SGD for 4 years;
  2. Fully supported tuition fees for 4 years;
  3. Central Provident Fund (CPF) Contribution; (Note: the rate is pegged to the prevailing employer's contribution rate set by CPF;)
  4. Other benefits, such as insurance, conference financial support, internship allowance, etc.


How to apply:

Application for the Alibaba-NTU Talent Programme is open, and deadline for the Jan 2021 intake is 30 Sep 2020.

NTU admissions portal (Please choose programme code 102-SCSE):

Alibaba-NTU Talent Programme email:

After application, please email to your NTU application number (RXXXXXXX) in the subject header, as well as attach your CV (Curriculum Vitae). In your CV, please indicate your citizenship (Singapore citizen or SPR) and your CGPA by using the attached CV template below.

Alibaba-NTU CV Template.docx.

Before you submit your CV, please read NTU Personal Data Privacy Statement and Consent for Applicant
For further admission details, please click here.

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