Academic Integrity


Academic Integrity at NTU

NTU expects a high standard of original research when students - and faculty - present their work. The highest level of intellectual honesty must be reflected in all aspects of learning, evidenced by original work, and proper referencing ​​when acknowledging the work of others.

This is the essence of academic integrity.

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How does plagiarism affect what we learn?

Learning and plagiarism

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Workshops, referencing, and citation technology.

Academic Integrity Resources


Our shared values underpin academic integrity.

Shared Values and Honour Code

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Official definitions, policy and procedures.

NTU Academic Integrity Policy

professional standards

Reducing plagiarism and improving learning by better design of assessments.

Academic Integrity Faculty Resources

Academic Integrity Handbook - NTU

Examples of quoting, paraphrasing, Turnitin, research ethics, copyright.

Academic Integrity Handbook (Web version)

PDF version, 74 pages, 3.1 MB

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