​​​Testimonials from Faculty, Students & Alumni


" Given the diversity of the modules offered, it has help to train me to view a problem from multiple angles. Also, it has helped to broaden my interest into other disciplinary fields such as philosophy and drama which I have never expect myself to be attracted by such discussion since my background training was more inclined to science and engineering. Furthermore, as I am pursuing my postgraduate studies Masters in Epidemiology, my exposure to social sciences and ethics will serve as a good complement to the statistical training at Imperial for my future career at the Ministry of Health."

Rachael Pung, Class of 2016 
Master of Epidemiology, Imperial College London​​

" Being part of NTU-USP is one of my greatest takeaway from my 4 years in NTU. Each course challenges the mind to think critically and creatively, often beyond our comfort zones. The strong emphasis on teamwork is where we learn to work robustly with people from diverse disciplines, an essential skill to have and also the basis where many (lifelong) friendships are forged! If you are invited to apply, go for it!!! "

Tracy Koh, Class of 2016
First Year Medical Student, DUKE-NUS Medical School


" The NTU-USP has nurtured me to think with a global perspective, with the ability to think broader and out of the box which is an essential skill in the workforce.

Beyond academic knowledge, I learned life skills which are transferable and applicable in different circumstances. With valuable opportunities to work independently, as well as with many peers across different specialisations, I am groomed to adapt fast and communicate effectively with colleagues and clients of different nature. "

Agnes Goh, Class of 2016
Sales & Marketing, SOULSCAPE Asia (formerly “Intheloop”) start up in the health and wellness industry​​

" NTU-USP has provided me with a great platform to stretch myself beyond the limits of my academic discipline. The rigour of the NTU-USP courses poses both as a challenge and an opportunity to explore new knowledge frontiers and has also shaped the way I approach certain worldviews or ideas. What made the NTU-USP journey more enriching was the amicable faculty members who were never hesitant in ensuring that we would benefit as much from courses. I would encourage individuals with a passion for learning to join our NTU-USP family, and experience first-hand this warm and nurturing academic adventure! "

Nabilah Isa, Class of 2016
Research Associate, Centre for Applied Research (SIM University)

"The NTU-USP experience has stretched my intellectual capacity and broadened my perspectives of the world – well beyond the scope of my engineering degree. Of all, I am utmost thankful to be part of a student community which is highly self-driven, capable and very supportive. My peers have continuously inspired me to strive for greater success in university and beyond. "

Low Zhi Hong, Class of 2017
​Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering​

" To me, the NTU-USP is much more than just an academic programme. There is a strong student-driven culture where USPians are encouraged to pursue their own initiatives, allowing plenty of opportunities for personal development. The many unique opportunities offered by the NTU-USP, as well as the close-knit community, has added much to the vibrancy of my university experience. "

Lim Cui Min, Class of 2018
Communication Studies, Nanyang Technological University
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information​​

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