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​NRP / NRPjr 2017



Your Research Paper will be due for submission on 9 January 2018. This does mean that you really must start working on your NRP project if you have not already been doing so. All experiments / ground work will have to be done by November to give you sufficient time to settle down to focus on the writing of your research paper.


 Plan early; get to work early; submit your work ON TIME!




(Apr to Dec)

Monthly Progress Report
Attendance Log Sheet​

​9 Jan 2018

Research Paper & Research Log​

​26 Jan 2018

Transport Claim Form​

​19 Feb 2018

Submission of Poster for NRP Symposium 2018​



The NRP e-submission portal is open and ready to accept submissions of your Research Log, Research Paper and Poster. 

Instructions on the submission of Research Paper and Research Log

Instructions on the submission of Poster



​NRP / NRPjr 2018

 Applications for NRP and NRPjr will open in 2018:

Project Synopses

​Application Period


NRPjr Project Synopses

2 to 22 January 2018


NRP Project Synopses

2 to 22 February 2018




The application period for NTU-H3 Taught Modules for 2018 has CLOSED. The list of successful applicants will be released through schools on 10 November 2017. Applications for the 2019-run of the NTU H3 Taught Modules will open in October 2018.




The next run of seeNTU will be in the first week of the June holidays in 2018. Applications will open in February 2018 through the respective schools' seeNTU Teacher Coordinators.




Semester 2 Timetable

Download your Semester 2 Timetable here.


Attendance at all lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions is strictly compulsory.


1)  Any absence from class / lab sessions / quizzes / tests must be covered by a valid MC from Fullerton Healthcare Clinic / Ng Teng Fong General Hospital or National University Hospital.

2)  You are to obtain an MC covering the day(s) of absence. The MC must indicate the doctor's diagnosis (stomachache, headache, migraine, inability to sleep will not be accepted as reasons for absence).

3)  Complete the Notification of Absence from Class e-form.

4)  Either upload a scanned / photographed copy of your  MC to the Notification of Absence form Class e-form or email a copy of it to

5)  Submit the original MC to OAFA (SSC Level 3) within 2 working days of your absence. If you are unwell and unable to submit the MC on your own, do get a friend to submit it on your behalf.


The start and end times of all your lessons are clearly indicated on your timetable. It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive for all lessons on time. Late-coming will not be tolerated.


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