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The Innovation Programme (IvP) was first introduced in 1993 with 65 Secondary 2 participants from 3 schools. Since then, interest in the IvP has grown and to-date, about 6,477 secondary and primary pupils have benefited from the Programme.

In 2010, over 450 Primary 5 and Secondary 2 pupils from 23 schools participated in the IvP. In addition, 80 primary and secondary schools that have participated in the Programme for more than 2 years (called ‘mature-schools’) are organising similar programmes in their schools with the support from Gifted Education Branch (GEB), MOE. The ‘mature-school’ concept has enabled the Branch to include new schools into the Programme each year.

The IvP provides a unique learning opportunity for students to develop their problem-solving and inventive skills. They are encouraged to give full play to their creativity and imagination, and experience the excitement and joy of creating things. Student participants are also encouraged to commercialise their inventions in the spirit of entrepreneurship.IvP is jointly organised by the Gifted Education Branch, MOE and the following institutions:

And also with the support of the following organisations:

The IvP takes place over 9 months from January to September. During this period, participants work on their projects under the supervision of their teacher-mentors. Expert-mentors from the tertiary institutions meet with the pupils during 3 draft sessions from March to May to provide consultation to the pupils. A one-day IvP Seminar comprising workshops and talks by professionals experienced in the invention process is conducted in June/July. This Seminar also provides the opportunity for teacher-mentors and expert-mentors to do a final evaluation of the pupils’ products as well as serve as a platform for all schools to present their best projects to all the participants. The IvP culminates in the Young Innovators’ Fair in September.

Following the Young Innovators’ Fair, participants submit their IvP projects to the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award Competition (TKKYIA) annually. Over the years, many of them have won awards, and the 2008 IvP participants obtained 5 Merit, 16 Commendation and 3 Encouragement Awards at the TKKYIA held in June 2009. Also since 2004 (except in 2008 when IE Singapore did not organise the event) some IvP projects have been showcased in the Global Entrepolis@Singapore Exhibition. In 2006, selected IvP student participants took part for the first time in the International Students’ Invention Exhibition (held once every three years) in Korea. The projects received 3 Gold, 5 Silvers and 3 Bronzes. One of the Gold award projects also received the World Intellectual Property Organisation special award.

More information on the IvP can be obtained off the following site:


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