Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance (GHSI)

‚ÄčThe Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance (GHSI) scheme is compulsory for all full-time graduate students, international undergraduate & exchange students, including Singapore Permanent Residents. (Singaporean graduate students can opt out of the scheme. Please write in to Dawn Guo at before the start of the academic year. Students who do not opt out will be billed.)


The annual premium for GHSI coverage for AY2016/17 is $81 while LKCSOM MBBS student is $134.50. Students who matriculate in January 2016 pay $47.25 for coverage up till 31 July 2016. The premium will be included in the student bill and may be payable by cash, NETS or GIRO deduction (i.e. for undergraduate, graduate coursework and graduate research, there will no longer be stipend deduction). For more details, please refer to  or



To ensure that you continue to receive coverage under the GHSI, please ensure that you have paid the premiums on your insurance. Coverage ceases i.e., the insurance is terminated when:

  • The insured leaves the university
  • The insured converts to part-time studies
  • The insured exhausts the cover limits
  • The insurance policy expires


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