Degree Verification – Bachelor Degrees

​​The Degree Verification Portal serves to assist employers, institutions of higher learning or recruitment agencies who wish to verify claims to Bachelor degrees academic qualifications conferred by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

The information available via this portal is published in the NTU Convocation booklets/NTU Convocation Graduate Listing. For verification of a degree conferred by NTU and year of award, you are required to provide the following in respect of the person you are enquiring:

  1. Full name of graduate (as reflected in the official transcript) and
  2. Date of birth of graduate

If a search is unsuccessful, it may be due to various reasons such as error in the graduate's name, date of birth, or the student has not been conferred a degree by NTU.

Please note that the only records from 1992 onwards are searchable via this portal. For graduates' records before 1992, please email your request to

Please click here to begin search

If an unsuccessful search is returned, please email your request to for a manual search to be made.

In your request, please provide the following in respect of the person you are enquiring:

  1. Full name of graduate
  2. Student matriculation number
  3. Date of birth

We also require a consent letter, duly signed by the person you are enquiring, allowing the organization to conduct educational background checks on him/her. The consent letter should not be dated more than one month from the date of request for verification. The requirement of the consent letter is in line with our Data Privacy Policy for students.

The processing time for the manual degree verification request is usually 3 working days from the day of receiving the request with all the required supporting document and information.


  1. NTU Higher Degrees:

    Please refer to website:

  2. For National Institute of Education’s (NIE) Bachelor and higher degrees:
    Please refer to website:

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