ECA Record

ECA Record System

ECA Certification System is now linked to ECA Record system. Now, when a student graduates and applies to SAO for a certificate of his/her ECA participation, the system will pull info from the ECA Points System.

Ensure that all ECA participation is entered into the system for a total reflection of all ECA participation during your course of study in NTU.

Use Check for weights (points) awarded under Campus Life to check the weights assigned to you under campus life involvement.

You can check your total weights assigned one day after you have applied on-line. Please logon to Hostel On-line Application (HOLA)

Schedule for inputting of ECA records for AY 2017/2018*

01/12/17 - 28/02/18Honorary Gen Secretary (HGS) to input ECA records.
01/02/18 – 28/02/18Students to check* their ECA records and refer to respective HGS if there is error or omission of ECA records.
01/03/18 – 15/03/18HGS to make amendments in the System.
07/03/18 - 22/03/18Students to confirm amendments made by HGS.
23/03/18 onwardsSystem Closed

 *For ECA records inputted by HGS of the various student body for activities from  Mar 17 - 28 Feb 18.

NB : ECA records for AY2016/17 have been archived to the ECA certificate system.


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