Defer National Service Training

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) has advised that all undergraduate NSmen are liable to be called up for In-Camp Training (ICT). It has made a standing arrangement with the University that undergraduate NSmen would be called up for In-Camp Training (ICT) during specific parts of the university vacations. During these periods, the university will not conduct any compulsory academic programme. MINDEF will not grant deferment on the ground of academic commitments. The call-up periods are indicated in the academic calendar website.

If the ICT occurs during Semester 1 or 2, students may write directly to their units to apply for deferment of reservist training as soon as they have been notified of their reservist training. Students should apply for the certification letter reflecting their status as an NTU student and courses registered, and attach this copy in their deferment request to MINDEF.

If the ICT overlaps with the allocated attachment/ internship period, students may contact the Career and Attachment Office to apply for leave and extend their attachment to make up for the period missed.

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