Apply for Short Leave

Students must apply for short leave of absence or medical leave with their respective Schools if they cannot attend classes on the following occasions:

  • On days when there are laboratory sessions.
  • On days when quizzes or tests are conducted during classes
  • On any occasion during the attachment/internship, students must submit leave application or medical certificate via the online leave system under the attachment/internship module in the StudentLink.
  • On any other occasions that tutor(s) or lecturer(s) deemed as compulsory for students' attendance.

Application for Leave

1. Short leave of absence

Applications must be submitted to the respective Schools not later than 7 working days in advance of such leave. Applications submitted less than 7 working days in advance will not be accepted. Students should not go on leave during the abovementioned occasions until approval has been obtained. The application form is available at the Schools' General Office.

 2. Medical Leave

Students who are granted medical leave on the abovementioned occasions must submit the medical certificate to the respective School's General Office.

All medical certificates must be submitted not later than 7 working days after the medical leave to the relevant offices. If students submit the medical certificate after the deadline, they will be given zero mark for any test or quiz that they were absent from. Medical leave forms are available at Schools' General Office.

For medical leave taken during examination periods, please click here for the application procedures.

Note: The University only recognizes medical certificates issued in Singapore by Medical Practitioners registered with the Singapore Medical Council or Dental Officers registered with the Singapore Dental Council.

 3. Compassionate Leave

Compassionate leave will be granted in the event of the demise of an immediate family member (defined as parents, siblings and grandparents). Normally absence from School within 7 days of the event and on the day of the funeral is accepted as valid leave of absence on compassionate ground.

 Categories of leave not approved:

  • Returning to home country during festive periods e.g. Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, etc.
  • Participating in activities (in and outside campus) organized by student bodies during the various occasions mentioned in the point above.

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