Apply for Short Leave

Students must seek the Schools’ approval for short leave of absence if they cannot attend classes on the following occasions:

​(a)​On days when there are laboratory sessions
​(b)On days when assessments (e.g. quizzes or tests) are conducted during classes

On any other occasions that tutor(s) or lecturer(s) deem as compulsory for students' attendance. 

For the applications to be considered, they must be submitted with supporting documents to the respective Schools at least 7 working days in advance.

Application for leave on the following grounds will not be approved:

Returning to home country during festive periods e.g. Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, etc.
• Participating in activities (in and outside campus) organized by student bodies during the hours when students are required to attend class

Students should not go on leave until formal approval has been given.


Leave During Professional Internship/ Attachment

For leave during the professional internship (including medical/compassionate leave), students must submit the leave application or medical certificate via the online internship system, InPlace at, and refer to the guidelines of the internship organisation, as well as the Career & Attachment Office instead.

Medical Leave

Students who are absent on medical grounds on occasions (a) – (c) must submit a copy of their medical certificate (MC) to the School not later than 7 working days after the medical leave.

Students whose family/household member has acute respiratory illness, should stay at home to reduce the risk of community transmission, and submit a copy of the MC of the family/ household member instead by the same deadline.

Otherwise, they will be deemed as absent and will be given zero mark for any test or quiz or assessment component that they missed.

For absence from an examination due to illness, please click here for the submission procedures.

Important Note:

​Students are to retain their original MC for 1 year for verification when necessary.
The University only recognizes medical certificates issued in Singapore by Medical Practitioners registered with the Singapore Medical Council or Dental Officers registered with the Singapore Dental Council.


Compassionate Leave

Students will be granted leave in the event of the demise of an immediate family member (defined to include parents, parents-in-law, spouse, children, siblings and grandparents).

Leave of absence on compassionate ground will be granted within 7 days of the death, and inclusive of Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, and on the day of the funeral.

Application Process

Students are to download and complete the short leave form, and submit this with the supporting document(s) to their home School within the stipulated timeframe.
If they had missed an assessment (e.g. quizzes or tests), they should additionally send a scanned copy of the supporting document(s) via email on the same day as the session missed. The course instructor may contact them to arrange for another session, if required.

Students must contact their School if they do not receive the outcome of their leave application via their NTU email address, after 5 working days.

School Contact Persons

School/ DepartmentVenue to Submit Short Leave Application FormSchool Coordinator/ Contact
​Asian School of the Environment​ASE Academic Office
M​s Nur Fadhila Binte Abdul Latiff /
Ms Christina Tee Siew Khiaw /
Ms Tan Liu Hu (Janice Tan)
Tel: 6908 3366/3383
​College of Engineering​Reception at Dean’s Office
Blk N1.3, B1-01
(For Common Engineering
students only)
​Ms Chai Hsien Chee, Noriki
Tel: 6790 5915
​Physical Education & Sports Science (for SSM programme)​PESS General Office
National Institute of Education (NIE)
Physical Education – Block 5
Unit no: NIE5-03-09
​Ms. Julisa Binti Sulaiman
Tel: 6790 3719
​Nanyang Business School​Undergraduate Programmes Office
​Tel: 6790 4667
​Renaissance Engineering Programme Office​REP Office
Academic Building North (ABN)
​Ms Yang Huixin/ Ms Ng Li Ting
Tel: 6592 3183/ 6908 2245
​School of Art, Design and Media​ADM General Office
​Ms Vivian Yong/ Ms Candy Ong
Tel: 6790 4828/ 5680
​School of Biological Sciences​SBS Undergraduate Office
​Ms Dora Ung/ Ms Chloe Chay
Tel: 6513 8574/ 6316 2988
​School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering​SCBE General Office
N1.2 B3 Lobby
​Mr Ong Zhen Ming
Tel: 6908 2306
​School of Civil & Environmental Engineering​CEE Undergraduate Office
​Ms Hong Xin Ni
Tel: 6790 6807
​School of Computer Science and Engineering​SCSE Undergraduate Office
​Ms Miya Baji
Tel: 6790 6794
​School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering​EEE Academic Programme Office
​Ms Elsa Tan
Tel: 6513 2749
​School of Humanities​SOH Undergraduate Office
HSS Building, Level 1
​Ms Paris Koh
Tel: 6513 2383
​School of Materials Science & Engineering​Submission of Short Leave of Absence will be done via MSE Short Leave of Absence e-Form​Mr Alvin Tan Jian Kun
Tel: 6513 8118
​School of Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringMAE Undergraduate Office
Level 2,  N3-02a-14
​Tel: 6790 5492
​School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences​SPMS General Office
​Ms Roshini Arasu
Tel: 6513 8458
​School of Social Sciences​SSS Undergraduate Office
HSS #01-02
​Ms Shida Baji
Tel: 6790 6073
​Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information​Wee Kim Wee Student Services Centre
Tel: 6790 5962


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