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Special Terms for Existing Full-Time Undergraduate Students

Participation in the Special Terms is optional.
Note: Returning NSmen (who have completed their full-time National Service and who have places reserved in the University) are to refer to the website here if they are enrolling in the Special Terms.

Special Term AY2015-16 Calendar

​ From​To
 SPECIAL TERM I (Optional)  9 May 2016 17 Jun 2016 6 weeks
 Revision & Examination  13 Jun 2016 17 Jun 2016 1 week
 SPECIAL TERM II (Optional)  20 Jun 2016 29 Jul 2016 6 weeks
 Revision & Examination  25 Jul 2016 29 Jul 2016 1 week

Schedule of Activities

Item For Special Term i (Semester S) For Special Term II (Semester T)
Release of Class Schedule in StudentLINK Fri 11 Mar 2016 Fri 11 Mar 2016

Students to plan class timetable and place courses on Waitlist

Mon 21 Mar 2016 – Wed 23 Mar 2016
(9.30 am – 10.00 pm daily)
Thu 24 Mar 2016 – Sun 27 Mar 2016 (9.30 am – 10.00 pm daily)
Release of course allocation results Mon 4 Apr 2016
Mon 4 Apr 2016
Add/Drop Period Mon 4 Apr 2016 – Wed 6 Apr 2016 (9.30 am – 10.00 pm daily) Fri 8 Apr 2016 - Sun 10 Apr 2016
(9.30 am – 10.00 pm daily)
Commencement of Classes Mon 9 May 2016 - Fri 10 Jun 2016 Mon 20 Jun 2016 - Fri 22 Jul 2016
Examinations Thu 16 Jun 2016 & Fri 17 Jun 2016 Thu 28 Jul 2016 & Fri 29 Jul 2016



Students will NOT be allowed to register for courses if they have activities that coincide with the Special Term classes.  They include:  

·     Students who are on attachment or internship e.g. Industrial Orientation, Industrial Attachment, Professional Attachment and Professional Internship and Enhanced Industrial Attachment / International Research Attachment

·      Students who are participating in the overseas summer programmes 

·      SPMS students who are registered for the SPMS Special Term research courses

·      Students who have been called up for In-Camp Training (ICT), or on short-term employment or holidays

Students will be required to declare online that they are not involved in such activities that will clash with the Special Term classes before they can place their choices on waiting list.

Final year students who will be fulfilling their graduation requirements at the end of Semester 2 are not allowed to read course(s) in the Special Terms unless they are completing their last minor course.

Course Registration

Students may read up to 2 courses in a Special Term and up to 4 courses in the 2 Special Terms combined, subject to availability of vacancies.

Students will need to refer to the Class Schedule prior to planning their class timetable.  Students may use the STARS Planner  to plan their timetable during the following designated periods:         

Special Term I :  Mon 21 Mar 2016 – Wed 23 Mar 2016
Special Term II:  Thu 24 Mar 2016 – Sun 27 Mar 2016

Each student may place up to 5 choices which can be GER PE, UE or a combination of both on the waitlist through STARS. 

Allocation of GER PE and UE will be based on the availability of vacancies and the priority criteria set by the Schools. Priority will be given to students who are completing their studies at the end of this academic year but have yet to fulfil their GER PE/UE requirement. 

At the end of the registration period, students are strongly advised to immediately check their courses registered through STARS (and not NTULearn) to ensure that their records are correct. A student who is still registered for a course after the Add/Drop period but did not subsequently sit for the examination will be deemed to have read and failed the course. An 'F' grade will appear on his official transcript.

Special Term Fees & Payment Mode

Please click here for information on the special term fees.

Students will receive an e-bill for the courses registered. The same payment modes (CPF Education Scheme, PSEA, Tuition Fee Loan, NTU Study Loan, GIRO, NETS, cheque) that students have opted for in the main semesters will continue to apply for the special term fees payment unless otherwise advised by the students. Please click here to contact NSS-Finance for enquiries on e-bill.  

Note: Scholarships and Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fees Subsidy cannot be used for payment of Special Term fees for full-time undergraduate students.

Leave of Absence during Special Term

As participation in the special term is optional, the University will not issue any supporting document to excuse students from any activities or defer their In-Camp Training (ICT).

Students participating in the Special Terms are not allowed to apply for leave of absence on personal grounds given the short duration of the special terms and the intensive nature of the classes.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grading Option & File for Award of Minor

Students may opt for S/U grading (instead of letter-grading) for courses registered in the Special Terms. Final year students who are completing their last minor course in the Special Term and are due to graduate in AY 2015-16 can apply for the award of their minor. For details, please refer to the relevant websites:

For S/U option

To file for award of minor

Graduating after Special Term II

Students who are reading courses in Special Term II to complete their degree requirements in AY2015-16 will NOT be able to join this year's Convocation.

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