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Graduates from Class of 2019 onwards will be issued a digital degree certificate on OpenCerts, in addition to the physical degree certificate. Opencerts is a blockchain-based platform that enables the issuance and verification of certificates that are tamper-resistant. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is one of the institutions and agencies onboard this national-level initiative, which is led by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and Government Technology Agency (GovTech).  

The digital degree certificate will be delivered to graduates' NTU email address from


Features and Benefits of the Digital Certificate 

  1. Secured and tampered-proof.
  2. Unique to you.
  3. Access it anywhere, anytime.


How does it work? 

For Graduates 

Step 1: Download the digital certificate file with file extension .opencert that is attached in the email sent to your NTU email account from


Step 2: You can email this digital certificate directly to third parties such as potential employers or universities. They can then verify its authenticity at the OpenCerts website (using Google Chrome or Firefox browser), by dragging and dropping the digital certificate into the verification section of the website to view the digital certificate.


For Employers & Universities

Step 1: Obtain the digital certificate file with file extension .opencert file format from your applicant.

Step 2: Verify the certificate by dropping the OpenCerts file on the OpenCerts website.


The OpenCerts website may be viewed using Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Please click here for the FAQs on OpenCerts. 

Should you have further queries, please email Office of Academic Services at



What is OpenCerts Blockchain Platform?

OpenCerts is the umbrella trademark and the platform is backed by the Ethereum blockchain technology to generate cryptographic protections for educational credentials issued by legitimate issuing institutions. NTU is one of the legitimate issuing institutions on the OpenCerts platform.


Is my personal data safe on the blockchain?

Academic records of the certificate and personal data are not published on the blockchain. A hash is generated from the certificate and is used to authenticate that the certificate is legitimate. The process of computing the hash from the certificate is not reversible. Since the hash is the only information published into the blockchain, no personal information can be obtained from content on the blockchain.


I have misplaced my OpenCerts file. What do I do?

The OpenCerts file is unique to you. If you have misplaced your OpenCerts file, you can access it via MySkillsFuture Passport from October 2019. Alternatively, you may also drop us an email at with the following information:
1. Full Name
2. Matriculation Number
3. Graduation Year
4. Programme


Can I print my OpenCerts certificate?

Printing the certificate discards all the advanced cryptographic protections that are built into the OpenCerts, hence printing is not recommended.


Will I be issued eTranscript via OpenCerts?

You will separately receive an eTranscript which is digitally signed and certified by NTU and considered official and valid only in their certified PDF electronic form. We will look into issuance of eTranscript via OpenCerts at a later date.



Last update: Nov 2019

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