Change of Programme and Conversion from Part-Time to Full-Time Study (and vice-versa) for Existing Students


Note for Freshmen:

Please submit your application directly to the Office of Admissions (OA) at or by Teaching Week 2 of your first semester of enrolment (i.e. 20 August 2021 for Semester 1 of Academic Year 2021-22).

The instructions below will only apply if you are submitting the application after your first semester of study.


Application to change programme or convert from part-time to full-time study (and vice versa) is subject to
the approval of the School(s) of both the current and new programme. Please read the details below
before submitting your online application here.


1. Application Periods

For change of programme to be effected from: Application Period
​Semester 2 AY2020-21​7 Dec 2020 – 4 Jan 2021
*Applicants should apply by mid-December so that,
if successful, they can register for their courses
with the other current students
​Semester 1 AY2021-22 ​10 May 2021 – 9 July 2021
*Applicants should apply by early June so that,
if successful, they can register for their courses
with the other current students.

The application fee is $10.70 (incl GST).  Your application will only be processed after payment has been made. The payment options are as follows:

​a)Online by Credit Card
​b) ​In-person payment at One-Stop @ SAC by NETS/ cash card/ cheque/ cashier’s order or bank draft.

​Login to the One Stop Portal and make an online appointment, ahead of your visit. Please produce the application slip (with the barcode) printed directly from the Change of Programme Application System in Studentlink, when you are making payment. Cheque payment has to be made payable to the “Nanyang Technological University".

For Students on Scholarship:

Before applying, please consult OA (Scholarship) at on the impact of the change of programme on your scholarship.


2. Application Criteria for the following transfer/conversion:

​(i)​To convert from Part-Time to Full-Time Study of the Same Programme (applicable to EEE, ME and CSC programmes only)​Students must have completed at least 4 semesters of studies at NTU at the point of application
​(ii)​To convert from Full-Time to Part-Time Study of the Same Programme
(applicable to EEE, ME and CSC programmes only)

​•  CSC student must have completed at least 2 semesters of study and have at least 1 year of relevant working experience.

•  ME and EEE students must have completed internship and Engineering Innovation and Design (EID), or otherwise, be employed on a full-time basis.


​(iii)​To convert from Part-Time to Full-Time Study of a Different Programme ​Please apply for admission as a fresh applicant in the new Academic Year. Please click here for the details.
​(iv)​For change of programme to:
• Art, Design and Media (ADM), or
• Sport Science and Management (SSM)

​Application is opened once a year only, between May and July.

Applications from existing students will be considered together with new applicants to the University.

For application to transfer to ADM, students are to submit their portfolio, write-up and assignment to ADM for evaluation by 31 March. Please click here for the application procedure and requirements.

The change of programme for successful applicants will then be effected from Semester 1 and students will commence their studies from Year 1. Exemption of courses and/or transfer of credits earned in the previous programme will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

​(v)​For change of programme to:
​Students must have completed at least two semesters of study at NTU at the point of application.
​(vi)​For change of programme to:
Mathematical Sciences and Economics (double major)
​Only students who are admitted to NTU from AY 2017-18 onwards are eligible to apply.
​(vii)​For change of programme to:
• Renaissance Engineering
• Medicine
• Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
​Application for transfer is not available.
The respective Schools only accept new students at the point of admission to NTU.


3. Outcome of Application

​You will be informed of the outcome of your application through your NTU email Account by the 2nd Teaching Week of the new semester.


4. Registration of Courses

​PeriodAction Required

​Before you receive the  outcome of your


If your application is unsuccessful

  • ​Register your courses during your personalized
    date/time for registration for your current
​If your application is successful
  • ​Register your courses during your personalised date/time for registration for your new programme if the date has not lapsed. Otherwise, please contact the registration coordinator of your new School for assistance.


5. Transfer of Relevant Credits from Old to New Programmes

  • For change of programme involving programmes with common Year 1 courses, all common Year 1 courses taken previously (passed or failed) will automatically be transferred to the new programme once approval for the change of programme is given.


  • For other programmes, a student who wishes to match his courses to equivalent courses in the new programme must submit an application for transfer of credits to the School of the new programme by the 2nd Teaching week of the first semester in the new programme. Late requests for transfer of credits will not be considered. The School shall decide which courses (and the respective course type) may be used to satisfy the student's graduation requirements.


  • Students who have changed programme are not allowed to repeat a course which they have passed in the previous programme.


  • The courses approved for transfer of credits will be reflected in the degree audit around recess week of the students' first semester in the new programme.

        Note: For courses that are transferred to the new programme, both the academic units and grades
        (including P, F, S or U grade) of the courses will be counted towards the degree requirements 
        of the new programme and used in the computation of the GPA.


6. Tuition Grant and Tuition Fee

​Prior to applying for change of programme, students who are currently on the MOE Tuition Grant are to refer to MOE's website (ie. section on transfer of programme) on the impact on their Tuition Grant.  For more queries, please enquire at Please click here for information on tuition fees.


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