Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP)

Terms and Conditions​

Course Planning
​1.​If you are selected for SUSEP, you will be granted access to the Course Matching online portal to submit your course matching requests for approval by the respective Schools’ exchange coordinators. You are required to provide the host university’s course information (course codes, course titles, academic units, syllabus, contact hours) and the ones to be matched in NTU for review by the Schools.
​2.​You are to ensure that the credits that you will earn from the courses that you plan to read at NUS/SMU can be transferred back to NTU to fulfil the AU requirements of your degree programme. You are to indicate clearly in your course matching request the NTU courses/course type that you would like to fulfil through the course matching. Please consult your Schools' Exchange Coordinator for assistance. 
​3.​Please note that not all courses offered at NUS/SMU are available to exchange students, even if you need them to graduate. Registration of courses at the host university is subjected to the discretion of the host university.
​4.​Prior approval by NTU is required for every course that you read at the host university and would like to transfer the credits earned (including course matching) to fulfil your degree requirements in NTU. Hence, if there are changes to the courses that NTU has approved for you earlier, please submit the new courses for approval by the respective NTU Schools.  All relevant correspondences must be kept for verification purposes.
​5.​For full exchange programme, the number of credits to be transferred to NTU should not exceed the maximum semester academic load permitted by the School if you had spent the semester in NTU. 
​6.​For partial exchange programme, the combined workload you take in NTU and at the host university should not exceed the maximum semester academic load in NTU. You are to ensure that the class and exam schedules (which could be released only near to the start of the exchange semester) of the courses you take in NTU and at the host university do not clash with each other. There will not be any special arrangement for you at both universities in the event that your class or exam schedules clash.
​7.​Students who intend to participate in the exchange programme in their graduating semester must know that their graduation may be delayed and they may not be able to attend the year’s convocation with their cohort if their results from the host university are not received by NTU by stipulated deadline of the convocation. It is the students’ responsibility to arrange with the host university for their official transcripts to reach NTU for processing of credit transfer and degree conferment earlier. Otherwise the usual timeline for host universities to send transcripts to the home university is about 2 months after the completion of SUSEP.  Hence, to avoid disappointment in the event of a delay in the issuance of transcripts, students are strongly advised not to take part in SUSEP in their graduating semester.
​Fees & Expenses
​1.​Students are to pay tuition fees and compulsory miscellaneous fees to NTU during the period of exchange.  Students are still subscribed under the NTU Student Medical Scheme.  The medical scheme of the host university does not apply to NTU students.
​2.​Students may also be required to pay for the following at the host university:
​• Obligatory fees;
​​• Fees for the use of non-academic or non-obligatory facilities, services and functions for accommodation, and personal and living expenses;
​• Debts incurred for the duration of their study at the host university.
Student Responsibilities & Conduct
​1.​Students are responsible for the timely payment of mandatory fees, and for submission, collection of any document pertaining to their exchange programme application.
​2.​As incoming students to the host university, students are to comply with the policy, rules and regulations of the host university, and respect the decision of the host university with regards to admission and registration of courses. The host university reserves the right to accept or refuse requests from students.
​3.​Students are expected to complete the entire period of the exchange programme including attending all classes and fulfill all course requirements.  Concurrent participation in other programmes (such as internship) that will affect the exchange study will not be allowed.
​4.​No request for alternative examination arrangements will be considered.  All examinations are to be completed in the host university during the period of exchange.
Transfer of Credits
​1.​Students who are transferring credits from another university must comply with the following requirements for graduation:
​• Curricular requirements for your degree programme;
​• Minimum candidature period
​​• Minimum AU of graded courses
​- Credits that are transferred to NTU are NOT counted towards the minimum AU of graded courses
​- The total AU from graded courses that a student has to fulfill and earned to-date is shown in his degree audit.
​​​• Minimum years of study spent at NTU
​• Minimum CGPA for graduation
​For more details, please click here.
Withdrawal from SUSEP
​1.​Withdrawal will only be allowed if the academic semester at the host university has not commenced. Students must provide justifications for the withdrawal since the exchange place has been reserved for them. Given the limited exchange places, students are to notify NTU early so that there is still time to arrange for the place to be given to other students.
​2.​Withdrawn students are responsible for the timely payment of outstanding debts, or return of any loaned items to the host university.
NTU shall regard all students who apply for SUSEP to have read and accepted the above Terms and Conditions.


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