Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP)

Completion of Programme


Upon the completion of SUSEP, the host university will issue two copies of your official transcripts to the Office of Academic Services, NTU within 2 months after the release of host university’s examination results. You will receive an email notification from NTU when the transcripts are ready for collection at One-Stop@SAC.


After you have collected your official transcript, please log into the online system to apply for transfer of credits. You are to scan and upload your official transcript, and submit it for processing of credit transfer by your School. Please ensure the following:


- scanned transcript shows complete results that are clear and legible (photographed version will not be accepted)
- document is in PDF format (*.pdf)
- file size is less than 600 kb (0.6 Mb) - opt for black & white scanning and for smaller file size


You may wish to make use of the scanning facilities at the libraries:


The transferred credits will be updated in your Degree Audit within 4 weeks of the date of approval by your School.  

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