Nanyang Technological University

Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP)

Eligibility Criteria for Application for SUSEP

​1.​Students must have completed at least 1 semester of study at NTU at the point of application, and 2 semesters of study at NTU at the point of admission to NUS/SMU
​2.​​Students must have a minimum CGPA of 3.5 at the point of submission of application
​3.​Students must not have participated in SUSEP before.
​4.​​​Students must be full-time undergraduate students.



​1.​Students can only apply for exchange programme to either NUS or SMU (and not both).  There will be no changes allowed after submission of application
​2.​Students who will be in their final semester of studies during the exchange semester are not encouraged to participate in SUSEP as they may risk not being able to join the year’s convocation due to the late receipt of the official transcript from the host university.


Selection by NTU Schools

All eligible applications will be submitted to the respective Schools for selection. Selection will be subjected to the following: 

1.​the number of applicants (demand) and the places available (supply)
​​2.​programme restrictions (if any) prescribed by the partner university
​​3.​the criteria set by the individual schools in selecting students for SUSEP which could include:
​• Academic Performance
​​• Seniority (in study year)
​• Prior overseas immersion experience*
​* This is in consideration to provide opportunities to as many students as the School can to experience student life in a different study environment.


If you are selected, please note that

​•​Swapping of host university with another student will not be allowed.

​election by NTU does not constitute an offer of enrolment by the host university. The host university reserves the right to accept or refuse a student's application.

 Application Procedure

​1.​Application for Semester 2, AY2017-18 will be opened from 28 August 2017 (Monday) to 3 September  2017 (Sunday). All applications must be submitted through the On-line Application System by Sunday, 3 September 2017. Late applications will not be accepted. An acknowledgement email will be sent once your application is submitted successfully.
​2.​Selected students will be notified by 12 September 2017 (12 p.m.) on application for course-matching and application process with NUS/SMU. Please do not apply to NUS/SMU until you receive the instructions from NTU to do so. Otherwise, you may receive a rejection by NUS/SMU as they are unable to verify that you have been selected by NTU for SUSEP.
​3.​Students should only apply for course matching online after they have been selected for SUSEP. However, to enable them to decide whether they should apply for SUSEP, students may refer to the following websites for the courses available at the host universities:
National University of Singapore
​​Singapore Management University
​​SUSEP Coursefinder
​4.​Please ensure that the courses that you plan to read at the host university can be transferred to fulfil the requirement of your degree programme in NTU. Note that not all courses offered at the host university are available to exchange students, and that enrolment in the courses is subjected to the availability of vacancies and approval by the host university. You may seek advice from your School’s exchange coordinators on any academic matter before applying for SUSEP or for course matching.


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