1. What is an electronic transcript or eTranscript and how does it work? [+]
An electronic transcript or eTranscript is a certified PDF of your official transcript. Recipients of the official eTranscript receive an email with instructions on how to retrieve the document from a secure web site. Official eTranscripts can be sent to any valid email address.

2. Is an eTranscript different from the traditional paper transcript? Is the eTranscript official? [+]
The transcript details in the eTranscript is identical to the traditional paper transcript. The eTranscript has an additional first page that provides information on how to authenticate the eTranscript.

The eTranscript is an official document from Nanyang Technological University digitally signed and certified by NTU. eTranscripts are valid only in their certified PDF electronic form.

3. What are the advantages of the eTranscript? [+]
The advantages of eTranscript are:
  • Eco-friendly (no printing)
  • Fast delivery (within 1 working day)
  • Secure, certified PDF (no additional certification required)
  • Easy to store (electronically)
4. How do I know if the university or organisation will accept an eTranscript? [+]
It is your responsibility to verify that the recipient will accept eTranscript.
5. How do I request an eTranscript? [+]
You can apply online at this link. Requests for additional copies of transcript will only be processed after the original hard copy has been issued.

6. How much does an eTranscript cost? [+]
The eTranscript can be ordered for a nominal fee of S$3.75 (S$3.50 + 7% GST) per email address recipient. Order will be processed upon confirmation of online e-payment with credit card. No refund will be made for non-retrieval within the specified 30 days retrieval period, after which the eTranscript can be re-ordered at the prevailing fee.
7. How long does it take to get an eTranscript? Can I request for expedited or express service? [+]
eTranscript orders are generally processed within 1 working day. However, if the order requires additional forms to be completed by the Office of Academic Services which are to be sent with the eTranscript, additional processing time (of up to 3 working days) will be required.
8. How do I download an eTranscript? [+]
Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email notification that a document has been sent to you. Click on the link provided in the email and follow the online instructions for retrieval of your eTranscript.

The eTranscript is to be viewed through Adobe Reader versions 6.0 or higher or through Adobe Acrobat version 6.04 or higher. The latest Adobe Reader can be downloaded free from www.adobe.com.
Note to Mac users: To view an electronic transcript, you must use Adobe Reader. The electronic transcript cannot be viewed with other PDF viewers.
9. How do I validate this eTranscript? [+]
eTranscripts are official documents that contain NTU's digital signature and can be instantly validated.

NTU's official eTranscript is a certified PDF that displays a blue ribbon on the notification bar across the top of Adobe Reader, ensuring the recipient that the digital signature is authentic
and the contents of the eTranscript have not been altered.

Valid Signature
When the blue ribbon indicates that the document is valid, NTU's digital signature is true and authentic and the document's contents have not been changed or altered in any way.

Invalid Signature
If the blue ribbon indicates that the document is invalid, then the document should be rejected. The invalid status could be due to several reasons, such as an inauthentic digital signature or
an alteration to the document. In all cases, reject a document that is invalid.

Author Unknown
If the blue ribbon indicates that the validity of the document is unknown, make sure the computer has an active internet connection. If there is a properly working internet connection and the digital signature cannot be validated, reject the document.
10. Can I list multiple recipients for my eTranscript? If I want to download a copy for myself and send an additional copy to a third party, how do I do that? [+]
Each electronic transcript request can be sent to one email address. However, multiple transcript requests (up to 5 email addresses) can be included in one order. Please note that a fee of S$3.50 + GST is charged per email address.
11. I need to send other documents (such as proof of a degree award) in addition to the eTranscript, direct to the third party institution/organisation. How do I add those to my order? [+]
In the online ordering process, you will have the opportunity to attach any digital attachments that you would like included with the transcript. If you are sending an eTranscript, you will need to have electronic versions of the files so that you can attach them to the order. Please note that this includes letters certifying any NTU degree awards.
12. What happens after I submit my order? [+]
You or your specified 3rd party recipients will each receive a notification email to retrieve the eTranscript after you complete your online submission and payment. A link will be provided within the notification email for the retrieval process.
13. How long is the eTranscript available to the recipient? [+]
Each recipient is allowed up to 3 downloads for a period of 30 days. Retrieval will be disabled after 3 downloads or upon expiry of retrieval period. No refund will be given for non-retrieval.
14. Can I print the eTranscript and is the print copy an official document? [+]
An eTranscript is considered official only in the electronic PDF format viewed through Adobe Reader versions 6.0 or higher or through Adobe Acrobat version 6.04 or higher. There is no print option.
15. Do I need any special software or configuration on my computer? [+]
You may use any Web browser (preferably the most recent version) and you must have a copy of Adobe Reader v6.0+ or Adobe Acrobat v6.04+ installed.
16. I provided the wrong email address for the recipient. Can I correct this mistake? [+]
Please check the email addresses carefully during the online application. Once you confirm and complete the order application, no changes can be made. If the email address provided was a valid address, the eTranscript will be automatically processed and delivered.
17. I am applying to a graduate school/fellowship/etc that requires me to upload an electronic transcript to an online site. I ordered an eTranscript and downloaded it, but when I try to upload it to the application site, I received this error message: “unable to upload”. Why and what can I do? [+]
Some application sites do not allow secure PDFs to be uploaded. There is no way to remove the security features of your eTranscript. Hence, please verify beforehand with the recipients that their application site can accept secure eTranscript. They may require you to follow up by emailing an eTranscript or paper transcript to them directly.
18. I was able to download the eTranscript, but when I try to open it I am asked to enter a passcode again. [+]
If you attempt to open the eTranscript with any PDF reader other than Adobe Reader or Acrobat, you may receive an error message that looks like a passcode request. You must use Adobe Reader v6.0+ or Acrobat v 6.04+ to open a certified PDF. If Adobe Reader or Acrobat is not set as the default PDF viewer, you need to download the eTranscript to your local drive and open it with Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
19. I have a hold/block on my records: can I receive my eTranscript? [+]
You will not be able to order your transcript (eTranscript or paper transcript) if there is a hold/block on your records. If this is caused by payment due (e.g. tuition fee or hostel fee), please contact Office of Finance to settle the outstanding debts.

For enquiries, you may write to exam@ntu.edu.sg. For order of additional transcripts, please click here.