Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option

(a) The S/U option allows a student to take a course on an ‘ungraded’ basis i.e. no letter grade such as A, B, etc will be awarded.  A course will be indicated as 'S’ (Satisfactory) if the final letter grade obtained is a 'D' or better.  Conversely, it will be indicated as 'U’ (Unsatisfactory) if the grade obtained is ‘F’.  The descriptor ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’ will appear in the result slip and the transcript issued by the University.
(b)  A student will receive AU towards his degree only if he attains an ‘S’ (Satisfactory) grade. He earns no AU for courses with a 'U' grade.
(c)  The 'S' or 'U' notations carry no grade point and hence have no effect on the CGPA and the classification of degrees.
(d)   A student is to select the courses that he would like to be graded S/U online.  Students will be informed each semester on the period to declare S/U for the courses that they have registered in that semester.  Schools will advise their students on the courses that are available on S/U option.
(e)  The S/U option does not apply to:  
•      Core, Major PE, GER Core courses*
•      Pass/Fail courses
•      courses that count towards the requirements for second major or minor programme
•      graduate courses
•      incoming exchange and non-graduating students
*unless specified otherwise
(f)  Unless otherwise advised by his School, the maximum number of AU that a student can choose for S/U grading during his candidature is as follows:
ProgrammeS/U quota
3-year12 AU

4-year (except for Biomedical Science programme)-

- For students admitted to Yr 1

- For students admitted directly to Yr 2

12 AU

9 AU

Biomedical Sciences programme9 AU


(g) Once opted for S/U grading, the course AU will count towards the S/U quota regardless of the final results i.e. S, U or absent with valid reasons such as on medical or compassionate grounds etc.
(h) The S/U option that students have exercised for a course is irrevocable.  Hence, students who have invoked S/U cannot appeal for the course(s) to be reversed
to letter grade(s) after the exercise for S/U option is over.  The S/U option cannot be applied retrospectively after the declaration period or to courses that students have already completed for letter grades.
(i) A student who obtains a 'U' can repeat the course.  However, the 'U' grade that he gets for his first attempt will remain in his academic record and will be printed in the transcript issued by the University.
(j) The repeat attempt(s) of a course will retain the grading option chosen for the first attempt i.e. S/U or letter-graded.  In other words, the S/U option only applies to the first attempt of a course. As such, if S/U grading has not been opted for a course, a student will also not be able to opt for S/U grading for its repeat attempt(s). Similarly, if S/U grading has been opted for a course, its repeat attempt(s) will also be graded S/U. The repeat course includes replacement courses.  The AU of a course that has been opted for S/U grading will be counted against the S/U quota only once.  Its repeat will not be counted against the quota again.
(k) Students who exercise the S/U option must comply with the requirements in Section 3(6) on Graduation and Residential Requirements in AUS Handbook.

(I) Typically, students have up to two working days after the last day of the University examination period for the semester/special term, to make this declaration. In any case, students will be notified before the recess week of the exact period for declaration for the semester. Only those courses that are allowed an S/U option will be listed for declaration. Students who do not wish to exercise the S/U option are not required to declare this intention online.


 Declaration Periods for AY2018-19

Term From To
Semester 1 Mon 1 October 2018 (9.30 a.m.) Tue 11 December 2018 (10.00 p.m.)
Semester 2

Mon 4 March 2019 (9.30 a.m.)

Tue 14 May 2019 (10.00 p.m.)

Special Term l

Mon 27 May 2019 (9.30 a.m.)

Tue 25 Jun 2019 (10.00 p.m.)
Special Term ll

Mon 8 July 2019 (9.30 a.m.)

Tue 6 August 2019(10.00 p.m.)


Programmes and School's Advisors

Do browse through the Frequently Asked Questions for answers to questions such as these:

  • If a student is absent on compassionate or medical grounds from the examinations of the course that he has opted for S/U grading, will the AU for this course still count towards the total AU that he has opted under the S/U policy?
  • I am sure that I have opted for S/U grading for my course but I am given a letter-grade instead. The system fails to capture my declaration.

Please click on the link below if you opt to exercise the S/U Option:
Declaration of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option

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