Course Registration Process

Pre-Planning: What you need to do

  • Know your curriculum structure
    • If you wish to pursue a minor, know the criteria for the award of minor and declare your intention to pursue a minor
    • If you are taking GER-PE, know the categories of GER-PE that you have to fulfill
  • Know your outstanding Academic Units. Refer to your Degree Audit.
  • Know the policies & rules on registration
  • Know when you are supposed to register


  • Know specific instructions for your programme
  • Check the courses that are offered and find out the content of courses.
  • Plan the courses that you want to register, including repeat courses.
  • Check the class schedules and examination timetable. Then, use STARS Planner to plan your class timetable and save it.
  • If you would like to take GERPEs and/or UEs, place the courses on waitlist. The University will allocate the elective(s) to you subject to the availability of places and according to a set of criteria.


  • Register your courses during your scheduled registration date and time.
  • Print your registration records to ensure that you have successfully registered the right courses


  • If you have placed GERPE and/or UE on waitlist, check the GERPE/UE allocation results. Note that the allocated GERPE/UE is registered for you.
  • If you do not wish to take the allocated GERPE/UE, de-register the course from your records.

Add/Drop Period

  • Add and/or drop courses during the official Add/Drop period as announced by the Office of Academic Services
  • If there is no vacancy in the courses that you wish to read, do consider other courses with available vacancies
  • If you wish to appeal (for GERPE/UE only), submit your appeal through the online appeal system for GERPE/UE courses.

Print your final timetable and attend only classes that you are officially registered for.

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