AY 2016-17

Semester Calendar AY 2016-17 

Academic Year 2016-17FromToDuration
Semester 123-Jul-1602-Dec-1619 weeks
Freshmen Orientation 23-Jul-1605-Aug-162 weeks
Teaching Weeks08-Aug-1623-Sep-167 weeks(Teaching Week 1 to 7)
Recess Week26-Sep-1630-Sep-161 week
Teaching Weeks03-Oct-1611-Nov-166 weeks(Teaching Week 8 to 13)
Revision and Examination14-Nov-1602-Dec-163 weeks
Vacation05-Dec-1606-Jan-175 weeks
Semester 209-Jan-1705-May-1717 weeks
Teaching Weeks09-Jan-1724-Feb-177 weeks(Teaching Week 1 to 7)
Recess Week27-Feb-1703-Mar-171 week
Teaching Weeks06-Mar-1714-Apr-176 weeks(Teaching Week 8 to 13)
Revision and Examination17-Apr-1705-May-173 weeks
Vacation08-May-1704-Aug-1713 weeks


# Research students in postgraduate programmes are expected to work on their research projects throughout the period of their candidature subject to the student terms, requirements and entitlements.


Special Term Calendar AY 2016-17 (for Undergraduate Programmes only)

Academic Year 2016-17FromToDuration
Special Term I08-May-1716-Jun-176 weeks
Teaching Weeks08-May-1709-Jun-175 weeks(Teaching Week 1 to 5)
Revision & Examination12-Jun-1716-Jun-171 week
Special Term II19-Jun-1728-Jul-176 weeks
Teaching Weeks19-Jun-1721-Jul-175 weeks(Teaching Week 1 to 5)
Revision & Examination24-Jul-1728-Jul-171 week


Trimester Calendar AY 2016-17 (for Graduate Programmes only)


Academic Year


Trimester 125 Jul 1621 Oct 16
Examination17 Oct 1621 Oct 16
Vacation24 Oct 1604 Nov 16
Trimester 2 (1st Half)07 Nov 1616 Dec 16
Vacation19 Dec 1630 Dec 16
Trimester 2 (2nd Half)02 Jan 1717 Feb 17
Examination13 Feb 1717 Feb 17
Vacation20 Feb 1724 Feb 17
Trimester 327 Feb 1726 May 17
Examination22 May 1726 May 17
Vacation29 May 1721 Jul 17


Note: All trimester-based graduate programmes, including self-financing programmes, will conform to the Trimester Calendar. Students in graduate programmes that do not follow the standard calendars are to check with their programme administrators.


University Key Events 

Events​Datedownload Date
Convocation 2016​25 Jul to 1 Aug 16 Convocation.ics
Undergraduate Freshmen Orientation ​23 Jul to 5 Aug 16Orientation.ics
Undergraduate Qualifying English Test ​2 Aug 16QET.ics
Freshmen Welcome Ceremony              ​4 & 5 Aug 16 FWC.ics
Students' Union Day / Academic Council Meeting

25 Aug 16

No classes for UG programmes from
1030 to 1430 hours


Union Day.ics

Celebrate NTU!

Campus-wide celebratory event including the State of the University Address by President

16 Mar 2017


Celebrate NTU.ics



Public Holidays

Public Holiday 2016

Note: Classes will proceed normally on the immediate Monday following a public holiday on Saturday.

Schedules of Key Academic Activities


Attachment & Internship (for Undergraduate Programmes only)

Please refer to the Schedule for Attachment & Internship Programmes.

Notice to All Undergraduate NSmen

Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) has advised that all undergraduate NSmen are liable to be called up for In-Camp Training (ICT). It has made a standing arrangement with the universities that undergraduate NSmen would be called up for In-Camp Training (ICT) only during specific parts of the university vacations. During these periods, the university will not conduct any compulsory academic programme. MINDEF will not grant deferment on the ground of academic commitments. The call-up periods are indicated in the table below:

Year of StudyICT Call-Up Period and Duration
1st05 Jun to 30 Jul 17
2nd5 Dec 16 – 31 Dec 1619 Jun to 30 Jul 17
3rd19 Jun to 30 Jul 17
4 weeks6 - 8 weeks

Attachment programmes may overlap with the call-up period. NSmen students called up during their attachment can apply for leave and extend their attachment to make up for the period missed.

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