Format of final thesis

    The final thesis, after examination and amendments (if any), must be submitted in the form given below:

    (1)        Each copy must be in international size A4 (210mm x 297mm);

    (2)        Each page must have a margin of 3.7cm to allow for binding, if necessary;

    (3)        The thesis must be preceded by the following in the order given, all of which must be in the final thesis:

                     i. Title Page

                     ii. Statement of Originality  }

                     iii. Supervisor Declaration Statement }               Research Integrity - Theses / Dissertations

                     iv. Authorship Attribution Statement }

                     v. Acknowledgements

                     vi. Table of Contents

                     vii. Summary

    (4)        The title and author's name must be given in block letters on the cover of the thesis;

    (5)        Pages must be numbered in one continuous sequence in arabic numerals. Where a thesis consists of more than one volume, one sequence must be used.

    For sample format of thesis, please click here .

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