Instructions to Candidates

 Students are responsible for understanding and complying with the University policies and procedures pertaining to examination matters.

All candidates must follow these instructions conscientiously.

Instructions to Exam Candidates

A candidate who breaches any of the Examination Regulations will be subjected to disciplinary action including (but not limited to) suspension or expulsion from the University.


Attention is drawn to the following regulation relating to absence from any examinations :

"A student who does not register or who, having registered, fails to take any examination for which he is eligible to sit, shall be deemed to have sat and failed the examination unless the Board of Examiners is satisfied that there is good and sufficient reason for such failure to register or take the examination."

If you are not able to take an exam and would like the Board of Examiners to give special consideration, then you have to write-in to appeal within two (2) working days of absence from the examination. Supporting documents are important as it will help you in the Board's decision-making.

Late submission will not be considered.

Example: If you are to be sent overseas by company, then you have to submit an appeal letter, together with your company's letter certifying your period of away and a photocopy of your air-ticket or e-ticket.


A candidate who is absent from an examination for a degree, on account of illness, may be permitted to appear for the examination at the next period of the examination on the condition that:

The candidate has been examined by a registered medical practitioner (registered with the Singapore Medical Council or Singapore Dental Council ) and a medical report attached with the original medical certificate be submitted to One Stop @ SAC within two (2) days of the absence from the examination.

The medical certificate should cover the period of examination absent.

The medical report form is available at GSLink-Academic-Examination-Request for Medical Report Form. Candidates are responsible to provide the form to their attending doctor.

Any fee payable for the medical examination under the above regulation shall be paid by the candidate.

Late submission will not be considered.

Outstanding Fees

Attention is drawn to the following examination regulation relating to outstanding fees :

"You may be barred from an examination or have the results of any examination or a course withheld if you are in debt to the University (other than as a result of a loan made by the University). Please approach your School for assistance should you face any difficulty. Otherwise, you may settle your outstanding fees at One Stop@SAC."


A candidate who is caught cheating in examinations is liable to be expelled from the University.

The University takes a serious view of cheating in examination. All students are to take note of the written examination instructions issued to them as well as the announcement made by the Chief Invigilators during examination.


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