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[Note : New matriculated students for Semester 2, AY2017-18 intake may register courses commencing from 15 January 2018. ]



  1. Students are only allowed to register/drop courses online during Registration Period.
  2. Priority is given to Coursework students registering courses offered by their own programme of study.
  3. All registration of courses must be completed within the stipulated registration period, after which students will not be allowed to add or drop any courses.
  4. A course dropped within the registration period will not appear in the result slip and official transcript. For a course that has not been dropped within the registration period, the student will be deemed to have sat and failed the course and a grade 'F' will be reflected in his/her result slip and official transcript.
  5. New matriculated students may access e-services such as Course Registration when term commences on 15 January 2018.  
  6. Students are advised to check the course(s) which their School may have registered for them.
  7. For information or assistance on NTULearn, please refer to or email to NSS Service Desk at




(1)  Registration for Existing AND new Students


Opening Date & TimeClosing Date & Time 
​10 January 2018 (Wednesday), 1100hrs24 January 2018 (Wednesday), 2359hrs


(2) Registration for Cross-School/Cross-Programme courses (NOT offered to student's programme of study)


Opening Date & TimeClosing Date & Time 
10 January 2018 (Wednesday), 1100hrs19 January 2018 (Friday), 2359hrs



  1. Research students, and Coursework students registering courses offered by other programmes of study, will receive an email confirmation on their courses on 25 January 2018.



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