Option of Study (For Coursework Students)

 Students are allowed to choose to complete the programme of study by:

  1. Coursework & Dissertation; OR
  2. Coursework Only

(Note: Depending on the programme of study, not all students may be able to exercise this option.)

Deadline for Selection

1.     The selection for Option of Study is open to students during the stipulated Course Registration Period

        every semester. Selection must be done by the stipulated deadline for course registration.


2.     Students may select their option of study either in the current semester or in future semesters.


3.     For students who wish to register the final 2 courses in lieu of the dissertation, please note that :

    • You must select Option II before registering the courses. Otherwise, registration of the courses will not be successful.
    • You must register your final 2 courses within the stipulated Course Registration Period.


4.     Once you have confirmed your option of study through the system, you are not allowed to change it

        through the system again. Thus, please consider carefully and consult your School or Programme

        Director if necessary, before selecting the option.


5.     Students who do not make the selection for their option of study will be classified under 'Coursework &

        Dissertation' option (if both study options are offered under the programme of study).  

6.     If you need any assistance or clarifications, please email to coureg@ntu.edu.sg.


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