Selection of Study Option (Applicable only to Coursework Students)

  1. Depending on the programme of study, Coursework students may opt to complete the Masters programme by either:


      (A) Coursework & Dissertation; OR
      (B) Coursework Only

    (Note: Option of study may not be available for all Coursework programmes. Students should refer to specific Programme website for information, or consult their School for advice on the requirements for the respective study option, if applicable.)

  2. Selection for option of study may only be made via the Graduate Course Registration System during the Course Registration period every term. Selection must be done by the stipulated deadline for course registration.

  3. Students who fail to select their study option within the course registration period of the current term may only do so in the next course registration exercise.

  4. Students who wish to register their final 2 courses in lieu of Dissertation must select the “Coursework Only” study option via Graduate Course Registration System before they can register the final courses.

  5. Study option selected and confirmed via the online system cannot be changed. Hence, students should consider the options carefully and consult their School or Programme Director, if necessary, before selecting their study option.

  6. Students who would like to change the study option previously selected must submit their application to their School. Students should consult their School on the guidelines and application procedure for such changes.

  7. Students who do not select their option of study will be classified under 'Coursework & Dissertation' option (if both study options are offered under the programme of study).

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