Conferment of Degree

The process of conferment of degree is as indicated below:


Students complete all requirements for award of degree.

Students will be put up to the monthly Board of Graduate Studies (BGS) and Associate Provost for approval of award of degree. (1)

Office of Academic Services will  present the conferment list to Pro-Chancellor to confer the degrees. (2)

Upon Pro-Chancellor’s conferment of degree, the Office of Academic Services will issue the degree certificates and official transcripts to students within 2 weeks from the conferred date. (3)

(1) Research Students must have completed the thesis examination/re-examination and passed the oral examination with no further amendments required in order to be presented to the monthly Board of Graduate Studies for award of degree. Also, if the oral examination report is received from the School after the deadline for the current month’s BGS, the student will be included in the next month’s BGS instead.

(2) Degree Certificates and transcripts can only be issued upon the conferment of the Pro-Chancellor's conferment of degree.

(3) Students with outstanding fees owed to the University will have their degree certificates and transcripts withheld till the outstanding fees are settled in full.

The entire conferment process may take at least 2 months* before the degree certificate and official transcipt can be issued. In the meantime, the University can issue an official certification letter to certify the student’s latest status . The request for this letter can be submitted via One Stop @ SAC.

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