Scholar Engagement

​NTU Scholarships, namely the ASEAN Scholarship and the NTU Science and Engineering Scholarship, are offered to international undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and other achievements. Besides pursuing academic excellence, NTU scholars are also encouraged to develop themselves holistically by engaging in learning beyond the curriculum. Here at NTU, the scholars embark on a four-year journey to foster cultural appreciation and understanding within the community, give back to society through community involvement opportunities, whilst developing a strong awareness of Singapore’s economic climate and culture.
​​Photo of a student writing Chinese calligraphy.Photo of two students picking up litter at the beach.Photo of a group of students doing a jump shot in front of the Reflections building.Photo of a group of students attending a seminar.
​Click HERE to view the photos of our past events.​​​​​

If you have further enquiries, or would like to share your ideas for future activities, please write in to the following officers:

Scholar Engagement (ASEAN Scholarship and NTU Science and Engineering Scholarship)

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