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‚ÄčThe One Stop @ SAC does not recommend that international students rely on part-time work as a source of funds. Doing so is risky as part-time work may not be available as needed, and it may be insufficient to sustain your stay. If you wish to take up part-time employment for the work experience or for pocket money, please note the following.


Prior approval from the university is required for matriculated international students, except exchange students, to work on a part-time basis. Undergraduate and graduate students should contact the One Stop @ SAC ( A fresh application is required for each job.


International Exchange / Non-Graduating Students 
International students on exchange or in non-graduating programmes may not engage in any part-time work in Singapore.

Please refer to the MOM website for more details for international exchange / non-graduating students 


International Graduate Students 
Number of working hours allowed:

  • 16 hours per week if not on scholarship, 10 hours per week if on scholarship 


For scholarship holders:
  • Your eligibility to work and working hours will be as per your scholarship's Terms and Conditions 


Application procedure:
  • You are required to apply for approval and obtain the Letter of Endorsement from One Stop @ SAC before commencing work.
  • Download the application form here. Complete Section A and obtain endorsement for Sections B and C from your employer and School, respectively.
  • Submit the application form (with Sections A, B and C completed) to One Stop @ SAC. We will inform you of the outcome of your application by email around 5 working days. If successful, the softcopy of the Letter of Endorsement and the application form will be emailed to you by One Stop. A fresh application is neccessary whenever there is a change of employment.


Terms and Conditions:
  • Students must not miss lectures, tutorials or laboratory sessions in order to work.
  • The Letter of Endorsement is subject to:
    • The validity of the Student Pass
    • The student being employed for the job originally applied for.
  • The Letter of Endorsement will be revoked if the student is found to be:
    • Working in disreputable establishments
    • Involved in activities detrimental to the interests of Singapore
    • Working more than the maximum number of hours permitted.
    • Not meeting required academic standards
  • The Letter of Endorsement automatically expires and must be surrendered to One Stop @ SAC within 2 weeks of the student:
    • Ceasing to be a student of the university
    • Ceasing work
    • Changing employment


International Undergraduate Students 
Students are encouraged to gain as much work experience as possible before graduation to prepare for the transition to the working world.


All full-time undergraduate students intending to take up part-time or vacation jobs, and outside of NTU, should read the following guidelines by One Stop @ SAC.


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