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What We Can Do For You
LSO is committed to render timely, professional and practical advice on the broad range of legal and company secretarial issues that members of NTU may encounter, so as to enable them to make decisions, deal with disputes or negotiate contracts in an informed and objective manner.

What LSO can do:

  1. Provide legal advice and representation to NTU;
  2. Support in the development and review of policies and procedures, which involve legal and company compliance considerations;
  3. Put in place templates for standard and operational agreements for the various schools, departments and centres for the running of their ordinary business;
  4. Schools, departments or centres requiring formulation of new agreements or entering into new agreements, may consult LSO before putting in place or entering into such agreements;
  5. Other agreements and matters arising out of the ordinary course of business that entail special requirements can also be referred to LSO for consultation and/or advice;
  6. Raise awareness of compliance and legal issues within NTU via the following channels: our webpage LSO 101, internal training sessions and seminars.

The general principle is that all commercial and operational issues are at the sole discretion of the schools, departments or centres.  However, when such issues have an impact on NTU’s policies, risks or affect the quality standard, LSO should be consulted.

LSO will require the assistance of the schools, departments or centres to highlight such issues to us as what does not come to our attention will naturally not get our attention.

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