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NTU invents smart window that
tints and powers itself 

This innovative technology reduces
sunlight into buildings which leads
to savings on cooling costs.
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NTU scientists discover reasons for malaria’s drug resistance

Findings will lead to development of more effective ways of treating the disease. read more


What Makes NTU The World’s Top Young University?

From Singapore’s top engineering programme to Asia’s #1 communication school, find out what makes NTU world-class.
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NTU leads global research to uncover one of mankind’s most ancient lineages

Published in Nature Communications, the research is led by Prof Stephan Schuster, a
world-renowned geneticist at NTU. read more


NTU to build two more satellites ​

Singapore’s 1st climate
satellite and an experimental communication satellite will be launched in 2015. read more


​​​NTU develops new 2-in-1 biomarker

It will light up when tumour cells are detected and release anti-cancer drugs concurrently. read more


NTU Libraries

Access millions of journal articles, databases, books and a wide range of library services, events and facilities. read more


Academic Highlights

Read about NTU's leadership, world rankings, strategic rese​arch vision and other acad​emic highlights. read more


Superstar NTU graduate

NTU graduate Stefanie Sun on her varsity days, singing career and motherhood.
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​​​Neuroscience in education

NTU hosts regional university
conference on education innovation
with spotlight on how the brain learns. read more


NTU to build a hybrid micro-grid that combines different renewable energy sources

It can produce clean energy to power 250 flats daily. read more


Applications for 2015 now open

Outstanding individuals may apply to pursue Masters or PhD programmes. read more