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NTU partners Berkeley Lab in sustainable development for the tropics

Five-year partnership
to develop solutions to combat
urban and environmental challenges while reducing energy costs. ​read more


NTU and TUM launch world’s first electric taxi

Designed for tropical megacities, the taxi has a fast-charging battery, ergonomic seats and overhead cooling vents. ​read more


NTU Corporate Video

Catch stunning aerial views of NTU's garden campus in this video which won a gold award at the QS-APPLE Creative Awards.
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NTU undergrads train with real
satellites         ​    

NTU engineering students get to operate NTU’s three satellites that have completed their space missions. read more


NTU revamps CN Yang Scholars

Students will do their final year
research projects overseas with
opportunity for direct PhD admissio
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NTU scientists find new
way to treat dementia   

​D​eep brain stimulation by electrical impulses boosts growth of new brain cells, improving memory retention. read more


NTU Libraries

Access millions of journal articles, databases, books and a wide range of library services, events and facilities. read more


Academic Highlights

Read about NTU's leadership, world rankings, strategic rese​arch vision and other acad​emic highlights. read more

hey! magazine

A-lister, tech genius or sports jock?

No matter what your skills and interests are, there’s an NTU course that’s perfect for you.
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NTU scientists discover new way to curb colorectal cancer

Drug prescribed for leukaemia could prevent and control growth of colorectal tumours. read more


NTU and NXP develop
smart mobility test bed
on campus                  

Using wireless technology,
it colle​cts real-time data
to alert drivers of road conditions
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NTU partners Smithsonian Institution in tropical and marine ecology research

NTU will also be the Asian scientific hub for the Smithsonian’s Forest Global Earth Observatories programme. read more