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Green Tips for Offices and Laboratories



  • Switch off all computer equipment when not in use and avoid leaving it in standby mode, especially at night
  • Utilize power management features so that your computer will go into "sleep mode" when not in use
  • Switch off monitors of servers when you are not using them
  • Reduce the brightness level of the monitor to the lowest comfortable level


  • Use natural lighting instead of electric lighting whenever possible
  • Switch off unused lights
  • Use fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent fittings


Air Conditioning

  • Switch off air conditioning in offices and meeting rooms right after use
  • Set room temperature to 25 deg C or higher
  • Install thermometers to monitor the room temperature
  • If needed, use fans to increase air circulation
  • Keep the doors and windows closed when the air conditioner is in operation
  • Draw blinds or curtains to reduce solar heat gain

Photocopier / Printer

  • Do not print unless it is necessary
  • Print on both sides or on recycled papers
  • Share documents in a meeting instead of making one copy for each individual
  • Proof read documents on screen before printing
  • Switch off photocopiers and printers during after-office hours
  • Set the "Low Power" and "Off" mode default period to the lowest settings
  • Photocopy in large batches as it can reduce energy consumption due to less frequent starting
  • Adjust the margin and font size of documents to optimize use of paper
  • Avoid Standby Mode for after-office Hours
  • Facilitate power management features on laser printers



  • Unplug all equipment chargers and adapters when not in use
  • Use rechargeable battery instead of disposable ones


  • Close all fume cupboard sash right after use
  • Set the fume cupboard to energy saving mode before leaving the laboratories
  • Switch off all lights and shut off all water taps before leaving the laboratories

Reuse & Recycle

  • Reuse used paper to print documents, take notes etc.
  • Reuse envelopes for sending internal mails
  • Reuse files for filing purposes
  • Reuse old mouse pads as insulators or coasters
  • Reuse generic banners for multiple events
  • Recycle papers, metals and plastics

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