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Green Tips for Staff Quarters and Halls


  • Switch off the lights when not in use
  • Use fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent fittings
  • Clean the lamps frequently to maximize illumination
  • Use task lights and minimize use of general lightings


  • Keep the room's light low when watching television
  • Switch off the TV set when not in use instead of standby mode

Vacuum Cleaner

  • Switch off the vacuum cleaner when the motor becomes too hot
  • Check for blockages if the suction power is lower than usual
  • Empty or replace the dust bag regularly


  • Use fan instead of air conditioner
  • Select the suitable size of air-conditioner for your room
  • Select air-conditioner that comes with the Singapore Energy Label 
  • Clean the air filter and maintain the air conditioner frequently
  • Set the thermostat to 25 deg C or higher
  • Keep the doors and windows closed when the air conditioner is in operation
  • Remove obstructions in front of the air conditioner


  • Select a suitable size for your needs
  • Select refrigerator that comes with the Singapore Energy Label
  • Check the gaskets and hinges for air leakage
  • Ensure the front legs of the fridge are slightly higher than the rear ones to make sure the door closes automatically when released
  • Regulate the thermostat to the recommended setting
  • Don't overload the refrigerator to allow free air circulation in the compartments
  • Allow hot/warm food to cool down before putting them into the refrigerator


  • Turn electric hotplates off before food is fully cooked as the remaining heat can complete the cooking
  • Thaw frozen food in the open air rather than in a microwave
  • Do not boil extra water
  • Use flat bottom pots with better heat conduction
  • Use microwave ovens to cook small quantities of food or reheat dishes
  • Use induction cookers as they are more energy efficient than electric stoves


  • Iron all items in one session to avoid frequent reheating of the iron
  • Start with items which need lower temperature
  • Set the appropriate temperature according to the type of fabric
  • Turn the iron off when it is not in use

Washing Machine and Dryer

  • Wash only when you have full loads
  • Use the required amount of detergent
  • Remove excess water from clothes before using a dryer

Water Heater

  • Use instantaneous water heaters
  • Switch off water storage heaters after use
  • Set water temperature to the lowest acceptable level


  • Use environmental friendly products instead of polystyrene
  • Purchase items in bulk quantities or in refillable packs
  • Repair and recondition faulty electronic appliances to extend their useful lives
  • Reuse old clothing as rags for cleaning
  • Bring reusable bag for shopping
  • Purchase refillable items e.g. mechanical pencils and refillable pens
  • Accumulate recyclable waste materials for mass collection
  • Purchase recyclable products
  • Purchase green labeled products
  • You can give away your stuffs to someone who needs it. Try Freecycle

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