Nanyang Research Award

To give the highest recognition to individuals or teams who have made outstanding contributions in extending the frontiers of knowledge.


  • The nominee must be under the employment of NTU, with NTU as his/her primary employer, at the time of the nomination.
  • Active in research at NTU for at least 3 years, and only research work carried out while under the employment of the NTU will be considered.
  • The nominee should be recognised by the global academic community as having achieved significant breakthroughs or other outstanding accomplishments in the respective field. Special attention will be given to research achievements within the last 3 years prior to the nomination.
  • A former winner of the Nanyang Research Award (or the previous Nanyang Award for Research Excellence) is not eligible for nomination for the award for a period of 3 years. No period of non-eligibility is imposed for a former winner of the Nanyang Research Award (Young Investigator). In both cases, the nomination for the Nanyang Research Award will be judged only on the research accomplished after the previous award.

Additional Eligibility for Team Nominations

  • In cases of collaborative work, the Nobel Prize rule shall be followed, i.e. the nominated research team shall involve at most 3 team members, and the Prize will be shared equally. The Research teams may comprise faculty, research staff and students.
  • The team must have worked together for at least 3 years, and evidence of each member’s contribution must be clearly shown (e.g. the publication list must contain the names of all the team members).

Nomination Procedures

  • Nominations may be made by any faculty, staff, and students of NTU. Self-nomination is allowed, however, nomination by another party is preferred.
  • All Colleges, Schools, and Research Institutes/Centres are encouraged to participate by nominating their best researchers.
    All nominations must be completed and submitted by the deadline stipulated in each call.
  • Nominator should complete the nomination form and all nominations should stress the overall achievements of the nominee(s) and their significance. The nomination shall include information on :
    - Description of research achievements
    - Record of publications and/or creative works
    - Impact of research output
    - Grants & awards/prizes received

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation will be based on the quality and impact of research, taking into consideration the factors such as:

  • Significance and impact of the research work: how the research has advanced the field of knowledge, addressed or solved important scientific, technological, or social issues.
  • Recognition by the community: awards, prizes, bibliometric indicators, research funding, high-level service to the international professional community.

The University Selection Committee will make the final selection of the award winner(s).

Max number of awards per year: 3


  • $5,000 Cash
  • Trophy and Certificate of Commendation
  • Research Grant of $20,000 (to be used in the following year)


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