Meritorious Achievement

To give the highest recognition to former employees who have made outstanding contributions of a long-term nature which enabled the University to achieve significant milestones in its academic and administrative excellence journey.



  • All former employees who have made significant and impactful contributions to the sustainable growth of the University.
  • Former employees who have been honoured, for the same contributions during their employment tenure, will not be doubly honoured.


Nomination Procedures

  • Self-nomination is allowed, however, nomination by another party is preferred.
  • Nominator should complete the nomination form and all nominations should stress the overall achievements of the nominee(s) and their significance.  The nomination shall include information on:
    - Description of exemplary achievements, service and accomplishments over and above usual job responsibilities, and why they are significant
    - Impact on University’s vision and mission
    - How the reputation/international standing of NTU is enhanced
    - National, regional and/or international accolade and recognition
    - How the actions, attitude and personality of the nominee/s have inspired others

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation will be based on the following key criteria :

  • Impact – for contributions or accomplishments which created significant positive impact to the image, competitive edge, growth of the University or achieved excellence beyond the immediate organizational level.
  • Influence – for contributions or accomplishments which have created a positive influence to the University’s community and beyond, inspiring fellow colleagues, students as well as the community at large.

The University Selection Committee will make the final selection of the award winner(s).


  • $5,000 Cash
  • Trophy and Certificate of Commendation


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