Admin Excellence

​To honour Management & Support Officers for their extraordinary efforts made to exemplify our core Admin Values (Respect, Trust, Integrity, Courage, Stakeholder Focus) and their significant contributions towards achieving excellence.


For NTU Management and Support Officers

  • NTU Management and Support Officers who are in service as at the date of the Award Presentation Ceremony
  • Individuals and teams can be nominated for the Award
  • For a nominated team, each team member should have contributed in a significant role

Nomination Procedures
  • Self-nomination is allowed. However, nomination by another party is preferred.
  • Nominator should complete the nomination form, highlighting the nominee(s)’ overall achievements and their significance. The nomination should include the following information :
    -Description of exemplary innovations or improvements to policies and processes; developed a new
    innovative method or system to enhance work productivity and efficiency.
    -Narration of the positive impact on the College/School/Department and/or the University.
    -List of College/School/Department or NTU-wide accolade and recognition achieved.
    -Description of how the actions, attitude and personality of the nominee has motivated/guided/inspired others.
  • Additional Information required for Admin Excellence: How the nominee is able to, in addition to the demonstration of the core admin values, shown resilience and creativity in overcoming the current challenges to achieve outstanding administrative performance, thereby contributing to enhanced organisational efficiency.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation will be based on the following key criteria :

  • Impact – for contributions or accomplishments, achieved either as an individual or as a team, which have created significant positive impact on the image, competitive edge of the Administration as well as the growth of University and have resulted in excellence beyond the immediate organizational level.
  • Influence – for contributions or accomplishments, achieved either as an individual or as a team, which have created a positive influence on the University’s community and beyond, inspiring fellow colleagues, students as well as the community at large.

The University Selection Committee will make the final selection of the award winner(s).


  • $5,000 Cash
  • Trophy and Certificate of Commendation


Click here for Nomination.

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