Mr Loke Liang Por, Dominic


Nanyang Alumni Service Award Recipient (2016)
南洋校友服务奖获奖者 (2016)


Mr Loke Liang Por, Dominic
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
B.Eng. / Class of 1993
Nanyang Technopreneurship Center
G.Dip.TIP / Class of 2009
M.Sc.TIP / Class of 2010

In recognition of his stalwart service and dedication to his alma mater, Nanyang Technological University is proud to present Mr Loke Liang Por, Dominic with the Nanyang Alumni Service Award.

A strong supporter of NTU and its Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC), where he furthered his studies, Mr Loke has visited the NTC to share his personal experiences as an entrepreneur and coach the students on their entrepreneurial projects. The founder and CEO of Astoria Solutions –  which uses cloud technology and the concept of disruptive innovation to help clients in the marine and oil & gas industries – is also always open to NTC students using his company as a case study.

In addition, the Master of Science in Technopreneurship and Innovation Program honour roll recipient has lent his support to information sessions to promote the NTC programme.

Mr Loke is a 2010 recipient of the Minister’s Innovation Award by the Ministry of Transport. He and his company were also nominated for Microsoft’s Innovation Award in 2008.

工程学士/ 1993年毕业班
创业与创新高级文凭/ 2009年毕业班
创业与创新硕士/ 2010年毕业班


陆先生一直大力支持母校南大和南洋科技创业中心,身为南洋科技创业中心的校友,陆先生时常回到南洋科技创业中心,与学生分享他创业的个人经验,并为学生们的创业项目提供指导。他是Astoria Solutions公司的创办人兼总裁,该公司采用云端科计和突破性创新概念,提供从事海洋和石油业的客户们提高产能、效率以及安全性的解决方案。他总是很欢迎南洋科技创业中心的学生们使用他的公司作为课堂上的个案研究。



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