Ms Teo Siew Kim, Ruby


Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award Recipient (2016)
南洋杰出青年校友奖获奖者 (2016)


Ms Teo Siew Kim, Ruby
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
B.Eng. / Class of 2002
Nanyang Technopreneurship Center
G.Dip.TIP / Class of 2003
M.Sc.TIP / Class of 2006

In recognition of her achievements as an entrepreneur in the private education scene, Nanyang Technological University is proud to present Ms Teo Siew Kim, Ruby with the Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

A frustrating search for a quality tutor for her younger brother inspired Ms Teo to start Stalford Tuition Centre when she was 18. Today, she is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stalford Education Holdings, with a vastly expanded business that includes over 30 learning centres and schools in Singapore and Asia, including Stalford Learning Centre, Stalford Academy, Confucius Mandarin, Literacy Alive, Heurika Institute of Maths, ScienceWerks and Nantong Stalford International School (NTSIS).

Along the way, Ms Teo extended the reach of her private education business into China. Her years of experience in education, coupled with an in-depth understanding of pedagogy, enabled her to start the NTSIS – the first bilingual international school in Nantong, Jiangsu.

She has also branched out into other business areas, co-founding venture incubation and consulting company Ecube Global, as well as Resvenus Laboratories, an NTU spin-off that licenses and commercialises NTU life sciences patents.

Paying it forward, Ms Teo has supported her alma mater by speaking at the Alumni Forum at NTU’s 2013 Alumni Homecoming, sharing insights on ‘The Digital Learner, Parent and Environment’. She also spoke at the High Tea with Women Entrepreneurs of Singapore event during NTU’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Week 2012. Ms Teo is often invited to lend her expertise to judging tertiary competitions including as a judge of the New Venture Creation (Simulation) VC Fair in NTU from 2006 to 2014, and Business Plan Competition Judge for the Technology & World Change course in SMU from 2009 to 2010.


工程学士 / 2002年毕业班
创业与创新高级文凭/ 2003年毕业班
创业与创新硕士/ 2006年毕业班


张女士曾因无法为她的弟弟找到合适的家教辅导老师感到苦恼,因而受到启发,当年才18岁的张女士决定设立思德福补习中心。如今,她是思德福教育集团的创办人兼首席总裁,她带领集团积极扩展事业版图,在新加坡和亚洲开设超过30个学习中心和学校,包括思德福教育中心、思德福学院、孔子中文学院、文学培训学院、 Heurika 数学学院、ScienceWerks 、以及南通思德福国际学校等。

除了在新加坡稳定发展,张女士还将她的私人教育业务拓展到中国。凭借她多年来的教育经验,结合她对教育学的深刻认识,她决定在江苏省南通市开设当地第一所双语国际学校 - 南通思德福国际学校,培养优秀的国际化人才。

张女士也运用她的创业长才在不同的领域发展,她曾协助创办了起步创业咨询公司Ecube Global,以及拥有南大生命科学专利许可并将研究成果市场化的南大衍生公司 Resvenus 实验室。



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