Mr Wu Hsioh Kwang


Nanyang Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient (2016)
南洋卓越校友奖获奖者 (2016)

Visionary of China’s tourism industry

Mr Wu Hsioh Kwang 
B.Comm. / Class of 1974   

In recognition of his remarkable career and sterling achievements with Straco Corporation Limited, Nanyang Technological University is proud to present Mr Wu Hsioh Kwang with the Nanyang Distinguished Alumni Award.  

Mr Wu is the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Straco Corporation Limited (SCL), which specialises in high quality tourism-related projects that incorporate entertainment, education and culture for a unique experience. As its founder, he has played a leading role in driving the Group’s growth since its inception. Today, the Group is one of the few foreign companies that have managed to establish themselves in China’s competitive tourism industry. Its flagship project in China is the 20,000-square metre Shanghai Ocean Aquarium which was built at a cost of US$55 million and opened to the public in 2002. One of Shanghai’s most popular attractions with over 2 million visitors each year, the aquarium has seen visits by important Chinese and international leaders, dignitaries and famous Chinese public figures. In 2014, SCL acquired the iconic 165 metres high Singapore Flyer through its subsidiary Straco Leisure Pte Ltd, making it SCL’s first attraction on home ground.

Mr Wu’s foresight saw him start investing in China back in the 1980s, after it had begun to liberalise trade and investment policies. He made full use of his first-mover advantage by entering into partnerships with companies like China’s Poly Group and Singapore Technologies Industrial Corporation to develop and manage large-scale tourism projects such as public aquariums in Shanghai and Xiamen, and cable car facilities and cultural sites in Xi’an. In 2004, Mr Wu consolidated his tourism projects in China to launch SCL on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange. It was the first Singapore-listed company with a core business in tourism-related projects in China and helped kick-start Singapore’s investment in China’s tourism industry. In the decade since its listing, Straco's revenue has quadrupled – from $18 million in 2004 to $127.67million in 2015. The company achieved a sterling performance in FY2015 with a 30% increase in net profit to a record $49 million.

Despite his hectic schedule, Mr Wu finds time to serve on several boards including as Vice-Chairman of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Committee of Management, First Vice-Chairman of the Singapore Business Federation’s China Business Group, and as a Council Member of the National Arts Council. This year, Mr Wu has been conferred the National Day Awards – The Public Service Medal 2016. 

Mr Wu, who is currently a member of the Board of Governors of NTU’s Chinese Heritage Centre and the Confucius Institute NTU’s Board of Directors, has given back to his alma mater actively over the years. In 2007, he shared his knowledge and experiences at the International Conference on Chinese Enterprise Research, jointly organised by the Lien Chinese Enterprise Research Centre and NTU.


商学士 / 1974年毕业班


吴先生是星雅集团的执行主席兼总裁。星雅集团专投资和经营具有文化底蕴、寓教于乐的高品质旅游休闲项目,为游客提供非一般的体验和享受。作为星雅集团的创始人,吴先生发挥统帅才能,领导星雅集团茁壮成长,成为少数几个成功在竞争激烈的中国旅游业站稳一席之地的外国企业。星雅集团在中国的旗舰项目是上海著名旅游景点之一的上海海洋水族馆,其总投资额为5500万美元,场馆建筑面积2万平方米,自2002年开幕,每年迎来游客超过200万人次,曾接待的贵客包括各国政要及国际名人等。星雅集团于2014年通过子公司Straco Leisure Pte Ltd收购新加坡165米高的标志性建筑魔天观景轮,这也是星雅集团将业务版图扩展回新加坡后经营的第一个旅游景点。

吴先生具有远见卓识,是80年代中国改革开放后,第一批进军中国的外商投资者。他后来充分运用先行者的优势,与中国国企中国保利集团、新加坡科技公司等企业建立伙伴关系,联手开发、经营大型旅游业项目,包括在上海及厦门的水族馆和海底世界,以及西安骊山观光缆车和保护历史遗址项目。2004年,吴先生与中国保利集团合作成立星雅集团,在新加坡交易所挂牌上市。这是新加坡第一家以开发中国旅游项目为主业的上市公司,为新加坡注资中国旅游业产生带头启动的作用。星雅集团上市十年内营收翻了三倍,从2004年的1800万新元增至2015年的1亿 2767 万新元。该公司在2015财政年度表现亮眼,获利成长百分之三十,破纪录达到4900万新元。

尽管事业繁忙,吴先生仍拨冗担任多个机构的董事会成员,包括出任新加坡中华总商会副会长、新加坡工商联合总会中国工商组第一副主席、新加坡国家艺术理事会理事。吴先生在今年获得新加坡2016年国庆奖章 – 公共服务奖章的殊荣。



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