Mr Yang Rui


Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award Recipient (2016)
南洋校友成就奖获奖者 (2016)


Mr Yang Rui
Nanyang Business School
M.Sc./ Class of 2001              


A passionate politician and civil servant

For his success in China’s political arena and outstanding contributions to the public sector, Nanyang Technological University is proud to present Mr Yang Rui with the Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award.
Mr Yang was selected to work at Jianchapu Commune, Ba County, Hebei Province in 1982. He has dutifully served his country for more than three decades. He went on to serve in various roles of increasing influence including as the Executive Deputy Director-General of the Publicity Department of Hebei Provincial Committee of CPC, Secretary of CPC Chengde Municipal Committee of Hebei Province, and Vice Governor of Hebei Province. He is currently the Standing Committee Member and the Director-General of the Organization Department of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of CPC, President of the Party School of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of CPC and President of Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Governance. He has always placed much importance to broadening the vision, enriching knowledge, and elevating accomplishments. During his service as the Deputy Secretary of CPC Chengde Municipal Committee of Hebei Province, he pursued his PhD in Administration from Tianjin University.

During his time as Vice-Governor of Hebei Province, Mr Yang dedicated his time to the implementation of the major strategies of the Coordinated Development for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, New Type of Urbanization, and the planning and construction of Beijing New Airport and the Airport Economic Zone. Mr Yang specially focused on the issues of people’s well-being, and has made significant contribution to enhancing the social security system, promoting the development of senior care, securing payments to migrant workers, constructing urban and rural transportation systems, and protecting people’s lives and property. In term of energy efficiency and improvement of the city construction, he championed green building and energy conservation policies in the urban development of Hebei. He championed ‘green’ ideas, low carbon emission, cycle development, and profoundly promoted the application of new technologies for energy-saving construction. Mr Yang also promoted the innovative development of the cultural industry of Hebei Province through his experience in China and overseas.

As the Standing Committee Member and Director-General of the Organization Department of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of CPC, Mr Yang is committed to promote the accelerated social and economic development of Heilongjiang Province, selecting cadres and gathering talents for the necessary responsibilities. Mr Yang has visited academies and industrial parks as an advocate of science and the pursuit of knowledge. He also offers support to experts, scholars and talents of various fields, and provides them with start-up platforms and a conducive environment.

理学硕士/ 2001年毕业班








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