Mr Lee Zee Sye, Simon


Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award Recipient (2016)
南洋校友成就奖获奖者 (2016)


Mr Lee Zee Sye, Simon
School of Civil and Structural Engineering
B.Eng. / Class of 1989              


Visionary in the Information Communications Technology space

In recognition of the great strides he has helped his company make, Nanyang Technological University is proud to present Mr Lee Zee Sye Simon with the Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award.

When Mr Lee founded IT outsourcing and managed services provider Thatz International in 1998, after spending the first nine years of his career in the private sector, the company only had one employee – himself. It has grown to 180 employees today. Thatz also counts the likes of Aviva Asia, Panasonic , SingTel and Prudential amongst its clients.

Mr Lee brings over 26 years of Information Communications Technology (ICT) working experience to his role as Thatz’s Chief Executive Officer and had previously acquired a wealth of experience in various areas including infrastructure, sales and system engineering, banking, and consumer IT. Forever seeking to innovate, he has been instrumental in leading his company in developing solutions such as ThatzContact, a cloud-cum-mobile application for users to manage their business cards and contact database, which received an innovation grant from Spring Singapore.  Mr Lee’s company also developed the SpotSG50 mobile app to commemorate Singapore’s 50th birthday.

Ever-willing to contribute to NTU, Mr Lee currently chairs the Business and Community Partners’ (BCP) programme for the University’s Development Office. The BCP committee is aiming to raise S$1.2 million this year – S$3 million with government matching – and the funds will be part of the University’s endowment fund which can provide bursaries to needy undergraduates. Mr Lee and his wife Michelle Ang, an alumna of NTU, also set up their own fund in 2015 to offer two bursaries – in perpetuity – to undergraduates. In addition, he is amongst the founding members of the NTU Alumni Council, which was started this year to act as an important bridge of communication between the University and its alumni community. He has previously also organised numerous Wine Appreciation networking events, supported by his contacts, for the NTU CEE Alumni Club.

Paying it forward, he has worked closely with various institutions of higher learning to offer internships to students. Further, he currently serves as an ICT Programme Advisory Committee member for SIM University’s School of Science and Technology and has provided industry-based IT Service Management training to over 30 of their undergraduates since 2015. He gives back to society in other ways too, leading Thatz in sponsoring the biannual Hot-meal and Birthday events for over 100 needy old folks at Nee Soon South since 2011. 

Mr Lee has received numerous awards over the years including the Nanyang Alumni Service Award in 2004, the Total Defence Award in 2012 and 2013, the Singapore SME1000 Net Profit Growth Excellence Award (Infocomm and Technology) in 2014, and most recently, the Promising Award, as well as, the Grand Award at the inaugural Teochew Entrepreneur Award.

工程学士/ 1989年毕业班



李先生大学毕业后,在私人业界拼搏了近九年,后于1998年自立门户,创立了专门提供资讯科技咨询与外包服务的Thatz International公司。草创时,他是公司唯一的雇员,所有业务自己一手包办。而后公司不断茁壮成长,今已发展成一家雇有180名员工的企业,客户包括多家跨国企业如强生公司、日本松下公司、新加坡新电信集团,以及英杰华保险公司等。

李先生在资讯通信科技业累积了多达26年的丰富经验,过去也曾从事基础设施、行销与系统工程、银行业、零售科技业等不同领域的工作,因此出任 Thatz International 首席执行长胜任有余。身为一位不断力求创新的企业家,他致力于带领企业开发新的科技解决方案。ThatzContact就是他们成功开发的一项手机应用程序,可让人们利用云端平台,更有效率地管理名片和输入联络数据。这个创新项目还获得新加坡标新局能力发展津贴的资助。





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