Mr Ang Mong Seng 洪茂诚

Ang Mong Seng

Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award Recipient (2009)

Ang Mong Seng, PBM, BBM
(Arts/Class of 1973)

A consummate politician with the people's welfare at heart

For being a champion of the people and for fulfilling his duties as a Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Ang Mong Seng's dedication to public service is recognised with the Nanyang Alumni Achievement Award.

In 1997, the People's Action Party selected Mr Ang to lead the political battle against the incumbent opposition MP in Bukit Gombak. He emerged the victor of the Single Member Constituency and later in 2001, joined the Hong Kah Group Representative Constituency.

More popularly known by the people as 'Grassroots MP', the 59-year-old is actively involved in community affairs and feedback. Of his involvement, he said: "When the residents elect me as their MP, it is their vote of confidence in my ability to look after their interest. It is my personal conviction to do everything in my power to fulfil the responsibility they have chosen for me to undertake."

Indeed, after he was elected MP, he championed the appeal to install new lifts which stop at every floor in older Housing Development Block (HDB) apartments. The new lifts would afford residents greater convenience and benefit the elderly. The lift upgrading project is estimated to benefit some 3,000 HDB blocks upon its targeted completion date in 2014.

In view of Singapore's ageing population, he proposed in Parliament for senior citizens to undergo annual community health screening. Again, his idea was adopted and more than 500,000 senior citizens will participate in the health screening programme each year.

The long-standing member of the PAP was accorded the PAP Commendation Medal in 1991 for his sterling track record. He was presented with the National Day Award of The Public Service Star in 1995 and The Public Service Medal in 1986.

Mr Ang carved out a niche for himself at HDB, which he joined in 1976. Rising through the ranks, he was appointed the General Manager of Bukit Panjang and Sembawang Town Council by 1988. Currently, Mr Ang is the Chairman of Hong Kah Town Council and the Vice-Chairman of the South West Community Development Council. He is also the President of the Singapore Wushu & Lion Dance Federation. 

Mr Ang who graduated from Nanyang University hopes that the Nanyang Spirit will continue to inspire the younger generation to take pride in their achievements and contribute to the country.












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