Mr Wah Ziyuan Steve


Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award Recipient (2017)
南洋杰出青年校友奖获奖者 (2017)

Mr Wah Ziyuan Steve

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
B.Eng.(Mech.) / Class of 2007
Nanyang Technopreneurship Center
M.Sc.(TIP) / Class of 2009

In recognition of the great strides and milestones he has achieved as an entrepreneur, Nanyang Technological University is proud to present Mr Wah Ziyuan Steve with the Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

Mr Wah is the founder and CEO of Getz Group, a Foodtech and Fintech company that has been selected and featured by Infocomms Media Development Authority as a proven solution in assisting food and beverage retailers in their digital transformation process. It has attracted S$2 million seed investment from Angel Investors and is currently the leading F&B platform in Singapore serving more than 20% of the F&B Retailing Industry. Getz is currently operating across Southeast Asia and will be entering the European market by end of 2017.

In 2009, Mr Wah founded another successful company, Smoovpay – a digital payment company - shortly aer graduating from NTU. It attracted S$1 million of investment from SPRING Singapore and was lauded at the SME One Asia Awards 2014.

A serial entrepreneur, Mr Wah was already running his own backpacker hostel as a School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) freshman. While at MAE, he also started a mobile texting service similar to the voting system used on “American Idol”. The service was subsequently used during NTU forums and events. Despite this, he still managed to find time to contribute to the NTU Cultural Activities Club, serving in roles like business manager, programmer and vice-president.

工程学士(机械工程) / 2007年毕业班
创业与创新硕士 / 2009年毕业班


华先生是Getz Group的创办人兼首席执行官。Getz 是一间提供食品业和金融业科技支援的公司,曾受到新加坡通讯媒体发展管理局特别报导,表扬为协助餐饮业进入数码科技时代的解决方案。Getz获得天使投资者的2百万种子投资资金,并成为新加坡领先的餐饮业科技平台,为全岛20%的餐饮业者服务。目前Getz已在东南亚各国营运,并计划于2017年底进军欧洲市场。



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