Dr Tan Say Hwa


Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award Recipient (2017)
南洋杰出青年校友奖获奖者 (2017)

Dr Tan Say Hwa
School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
B.Eng.(Mech.) / Class of 2008
M.Eng. / Class of 2011

In recognition of the great strides and milestones he has achieved in scientific research, Nanyang Technological University is proud to present Dr Tan Say Hwa with the Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

Dr Tan is an Australian Research Council (ARC) DECRA Fellow at the Queensland Micro- and
Nanotechnology Centre in Griffith University, Australia. The ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award is a prestigious award that aims to support excellent basic and applied research by early career researchers. Dr Tan has also been awarded the Griffith University Postdoctoral Fellowship – only a maximum of eight fellowships are handed out annually.

In 2016, Dr Tan was featured as one of 18 emerging investigators – and the only one based in Australia – in the respected journal “Lab on a Chip”. It highly commended his work on using an AC electric field to oscillate and deform micro-droplets. Two years earlier, he had received the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor’s award for his PhD work on the microfluidic jukebox, which allows, for the first time, an acoustic interpretation of micro-droplets. Dr Tan’s work on micro-droplets has great potential for biological and engineering applications.

Dr Tan has a PhD from the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen – Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Germany. A caring individual, he has volunteered his time at the likes of the Society for the Aged Sick and Tan Kah Kee Foundation.

工程学士(机械工程) / 2008年毕业班
工程硕士 / 2011年毕业班



2016年,陈博士被顶级国际学术期刊《Lab on a Chip》推选为18位新崛起的研究员之一。他是当中唯一在澳大利亚展开研究工作的研究员。陈博士利用交流电场来使微液滴摆晃和变形的研究项目,获得期刊的高度评价。两年前,他的博士研究项 目,利用电学方法控制微液滴的生成频率,进而研发出的微流控点唱机,也获颁陈嘉庚青年科学家奖。陈博士在微液滴方面进行了不少具有影响力的研究,这些研究都具有很大的生物与工程应用潜能。


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